Sarah Koning
Photo credit: Donna Sherril

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Sarah Schneider Koning

Sarah Schneider Koning began her studies in Middle Eastern Dance in 1995. As is the case with most Tribal dancers of her generation, her earliest classes were American Cabaret. It didn't take long to discover the siren song of Tribal Style and she was hooked. For well over a decade, Sarah has worked to bring Tribal home to Michigan, by hosting workshops and performance opportunities that are Tribal-friendly. Sarah is also well versed in Orientale and folkloric styles of Middle Eastern dance, and finds great interest in Middle Eastern culture and customs. She is the owner and head instructor at the Boheme School of Belly Dance, based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where students can study Tribal, as well as myriad other styles of Middle Eastern Dance. As a supporter of the historical and cultural aspects of the dance, Sarah's instruction provides the dancer with an authentic backdrop upon which to weave the tribal fusion style.

As director of Boheme Tribal Belly Dance, Sarah enjoys fusing the classical with the delightful. Her choreographies often embody a certain joie de vivre and one is never quite sure what to expect next. Boheme is a nationally recognized performance company, performing at such events as Land of Nod Experience and CONvergence, and opening for such reknowned acts as Voltaire, Hellblinki Sextet and Zoe Boekbinder.

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