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Vichelle, aka Victoria Schell, is a Southern California native, born in Glendale and raised on the high desert of California. She knew nothing of Middle Eastern culture until a high school friend returned from Germany and demonstrated this beautiful dance of the Middle East called belly dance. Vichelle had to learn more about belly dance and became immersed thereafter.

Fast forward to the 70s to the 90s when Vichelle received a request to teach a few friends. This was the beginnings of The Daughters of the Wind, a junior performance group. In 1995 Vichelle became a Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association (MECDA) member, the following year she became local chapter officer of Desert Community Chapter of MECDA later moving in and out of most of the Central Board MECDA positions until 2007. In 2005 Vichelle was the Belly Dance of the Universe Divine Category Champion and many of her students have participated in the competition and received trophies. In 2015 Vichelle continues to dance and teach and will celebrate 20 years of community performances with friends and students. Find her on Facebook as "Vichelle Beledi" and the" Magic Bottle Studio" in Lancaster, CA.


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