Aasiyah by Michael Lee
Photo by Michael Lee

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Aasiyah is recognized as one of the top Raqs Sharqi performers and instructors in the New Jersey/ New York City area. She has been an avid student of Middle Eastern dance since the early 2000s. Known for fusing masculine and feminine technique her authentic style has been developed from years of dedicated study of Egyptian dance, culture, and language. While appreciative of the classic styles of the past, Aasiyah is constantly working to stay relevant of modern Cairo life and the influences it has on the dance. Aasiyah is the co-founder of the Egyptian music and dance entertainment company, Sehraya.

Articles on Gilded Serpent by Aasiyah

  • Mahragan and the Voice of a Generation, Music and Movement h
    The daze brought on by sensory and emotional overload is quickly broken by a rage of autotune blasting from the line of tuk-tuks whizzing past you in traffic. It is there, in that autotune where the heart of the Cairo youth lives.