Alay’nya (Alianna J. Maren),
author of Unveiling: The Inner Journey.
Photo credit: Janice Zimmerman,
Autumncat Studios. Used with Permission

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Alianna J. Maren, Ph.D.

Alay’nya (Alianna J. Maren, Ph.D.) has spent more than thirty years developing Unveiling as an Inner Journey, or women’s sacred pathway for body/mind/psyche/spirit integration. She is a leading scientist and inventor, a practitioner of challenging mind-body disciplines, and a dancer. Through combining insights and experiences received over life-long study, she has skillfully woven the basis for Unveiling: The Inner Journey.

In Alay’nya’s daytime role as Dr. Maren, she has used her scientific and technical background to devise four artificial intelligence patents, each focused on a different area of brain-based problem solving. To do this, she has drawn on not only her Ph.D. in theoretical physical chemistry, but also from more than thirty years of studying neural networks, neurophysiology, sensor fusion, signal processing, and related areas. She is the senior author of the Handbook of Neural Computing Applications, published by Academic Press in 1990, was previously on the Board of Governors for the International Neural Network Society, and more recently served on the Board of Managers for the Washington Academy of Sciences. She continues her scientific work, focusing on devising new methods for predicting the outcomes of complex, nonlinear systems.

In addition to her scientific interests, she has had a long-term interest in how humans can increase and improve their personal capabilities. Studying traditional pathways for personal growth, she first studied martial arts, yoga, and meditation. However, with the combination of intellectual pursuits and the traditionally masculine area of martial arts, she felt that something was missing. When a friend introduced her to Oriental dance (Belly dance), she said, “It was as though I’d come home.”

This chance introduction led to a life-long personal quest. Seeking to create for women what the traditional heroic quest has provided for men, Alay’nya has combined her scientific sleuthing skills with an emotional awakening, and merged research into esoteric disciplines with years of dance study and teaching, creating Unveiling: The Inner Journey.

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