Beata Cifuentes

Photo by Gunnar Moehl

The Gilded Serpent presents...

Beata Cifuentes

Berlin, Germany

Beata Cifuentes started dancing at the young age of 6 years. After realising that something was missing in her life she dropped her studies in Medicine and enrolled in a School for theatrical dance in Berlin. She opened her studio for Oriental Dance, the first one of its kind in Berlin. She has performed and taught throughout Germany, Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Monaco, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the UK), Morocco, Egypt, the Emirates, Kenya, Japan, Canada and the US.

Beata & Horacio met and were married in San Francisco. As they joined their private and professional lifes they created the concept of the Oriental-Fantasy-Shows, a unique full evening theatre show. This concept of taking the oriental dance from the night club to a theatrical level with backdrops, especially commissioned music productions (made in Egypt), splendid luxurious costumes and tours all over the world is a novelty and the two play a trendsetting role for many dancers.

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