Bert Judy kalifa

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Kalifa began studying "oriental dance" originally in 1968 with Jamila Salimpour for a year, then became a student of Bert Balladine. He put the polish on Kalifa's belly dance and taught her how to perform in nightclubs, and sharpened her technique, as well as providing opportunities for her to dance in clubs around the western United States. The Athenian in Salt Lake City, a Greek Club in Great Falls, Montana, and Zorba's in Sacramento, California are among the places she has performed.

In the seventies Kalifa could be found many Sunday afternoons belly dancing with the local rock groups in Provo Park in Berkeley, California. Her career spanned the seventies, and the early eighties as well as many private performances throughout the years. Once Bert sent her to the top of Mount Hamilton in the Bay Area to perform for the military unit stationed there. She still studies belly dancing and attends the Rakkasah Festival workshops every year.

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