Katherine Goldsby

Katherine as Shanti

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Katherine Goldsby

Also Known As "Shanti"

Katherine Goldsby is a Mediterranean dance specialist most known for her Egyptian Saidi and Turkish Rom performances. She has been teaching, lecturing, and performing in the Western United States since 1991. Katherine (also known as Shanti) has worked in many ways for The Voice of Roma since the organization began and is the current office manager for Sani Rifati. Katherine produced the Los Angeles 2008 International Roma Day celebration. As a long time volunteer for World Arts West, she can no longer audition to perform at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival and Katherine is the Head Director of Village Culture, a non-profit organization created to preserve any authentic American and international culture in America. This work focuses on youth respecting and understanding their elders who pass on their native arts by creating events for the general public and at public schools.

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