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Laura Rose

Laura Rose is a second generation belly dancer, daughter of Delilah, based in Seattle, Washington. Laura Rose is her first name, and she will correct you if you just say "Laura". She grew up dancing in and around the creative and playful culture of belly dance and performance art her mother fostered. As a child and teen she studied acting and theatre, and graduated from the Evergreen State College with a degree focused on film and video production. Her belly dance training has been filled out both by workshops with some of America's top classic and fusion belly dance stars and musicians, and by the intense study editing and remastering Delilah's videos have brought her. She has handled post production for most of the award winning instructional and performance DVDs from Visionary Dance Productions, and is available for hire to edit performance demo reels and DVD release projects.

She began her professional belly dance career in 2003 with a tour of the East Coast, dancing live and improvised with Armando Mafufo and Suliman El Coyote of Sirocco. Since then she has brought her unique and dramatic belly dance style to stages all over the Northwest as well as Japan and Korea. In 2007, she was featured on the release, "Gothic Bellydance, Revelations". In 2008 she was an invited performer and instructor at Gothla: The Conjuring, a Los Angeles area festival (produced by Tempest and Sashi) for Raks Gothique, a new genre of belly dance Laura Rose helped create.

Laura Rose dances both American classic cabaret style and alternative genres of belly dance. She adores live Middle Eastern music and recorded electronic and industrial. In all her classes and performances, she values creativity and originality; practicing belly dance as an evolving performance art. Laura Rose has been blessed for the past couple years dancing with, House of Tarab, a beautiful Middle Eastern music ensemble based in Seattle, Washington.

She is also known in and around Seattle as Evilyn Sin Claire, character dancer and "wild child" of Sinner Saint Burlesque.

Laura Rose teaches belly dance, stage persona and make-up for stage at Visionary Dance Studios in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. She can be reached for booking performance or private instruction at She's slowly working towards getting a website together. Check for updates!


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