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The Gilded Serpent presents...
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Romancing the

by Alexandria

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10-30-04 Fill-'Er Up! by Alyson
"I'm so glad you came to help me Theify!", Alexandria's Belly Dance Comics tm

8-2-04 A Whole Latte' Shaking Going On, Belly Dance Comics tm by Alexandria
"Ok, I think we can stop now!"

1-7-05 Unchained! by Monique Monet
Who the hell is Miles Copeland? And, what is he doing in our ancient and sacred world of Middle Eastern dance?

1-5-05Making Wise Choices in the Belly-Dance Wear Market-place by Susan Good
We all love the visual feast of a fine dance in a sumptuous package, the glamour of dressing high-high up. A great costume can send a good show into greatness and almost make you forgive a poor one.

12-26-04 Undercover Belly Dancer in Iraq- “THAAWUMPFF” by Meena
The women who work in the Ministry are brave women. At first they looked at me with suspicion, not sure of my ethnicity. I sometimes get thanked when they realize that I share the Arab blood.

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