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Gilded Serpent presents...
New Dance Contest/Theme Party
”A Night at Casablanca!”
October 2, 2004
at the Benicia Clocktower
Benicia, California

Sponsored by Siren In Sanity
Photos by Lynette

"A Night at Casablanca" is a brand new event that was presented for the first time ever in Benicia, California at its distinctive Clock Tower Hall built in 1859.The party took place on October 2nd and was conceived and sponsored by the Benicia based troupe “Sirens In Sanity.” (The Sirens are lead by dance instructors Yasmine and Saiedah.) The event is a unique combination of theme party and belly dance competition This year was its first, and it is expected to become a greatly anticipated annual event. SIS (Sisters) served their own homemade refreshments, including fruit dipped in chocolate! TIcket were sold for $20: covering food, entertainment, and non-alcoholic drinks (including a latte bar). Billed as a fund-raising event, half of all the profits produced by this event are to be given to the Benicia Community Schools Foundation. Judging the event were:Ireena, Dunia, Meliza, Mina, Thalia, Zaheea & Sitara.

The hall at the famous Benicia Clocktower built in 1859 with it's native sandstone walls, hardwood floors, a huge kitchen, and ample parking.
Star Cabaret Category
Traditional Cabaret style routine to Middle Eastern music.

Melinda, of Oakland, CA begins the competition


Walnut Creek, CA

Antioch, CA

Antioch, CA
Star Cabaret Awards

Evangeline, Serpiente, Badia, Melinda, and Amal

Winners with Saiedeh on left and Yasmine on right
First Place - Evangeline, Second Place - Serpiente, & Third Place - Badia.
Star Fusion Category
Tribal, Gypsy, or alternative style belly dancer with no limitations on music choice.
Adry Svraka
Hayward, CA

Malika of Pleasant Hill, competed both in the Fusion and Diva category.

Moraga, CA


Santa Clara, CA

San Francisco, CA


Star Fusion Awards

Adry Svraka, Summer, Mielle, Ariellah, Malika

Winners with Sadiea on left and Yasmine on right-
First Place - Ariellah, Second Place - Mielle, & Third Place - Summer.

Grand Diva Category
The experienced, mature dancer over 40 years old. Any style of belly dance is acceptable in this category.


San Jose, CA

Za-Mon (formerly Bahija)
Bay Point, CA


Richmond, CA
Menlo Park, CA

San Leandro, CA
Grand Diva Awards

Sadiyah, Za-Mon, Malika, Asata, Jizan, Yolanda

Winners with Sadiea on left and Yasmine on right-
Third Place - Jizan, Second Place - Asata, & Yolanda, 1st place

The Judges' View

Zaheea judging on left, Asata performing, Meliza judging on right

Mielle performing , Sitarah judging



Nashwa Ahlam, Yolanda, & Lulu, with Nancy & Chuck in the back

Summer and Davina chat. Davina will be sending us her report and review of this event soon


A little help from Yasmine's friends: Natasha, Chenoa, Rachel, Zyphire, Michel

Yasmine and husband John

The SISters (our students) and family & friends,
who helped produce the event:
Simone, Thalia, Sahlah, Sitara, Zyphire, Michael & Ben, John, Miles, Eric, Charlie, Ayana, Chenoa, Rachel, Tristanne, Natasha, Salina, Cyrene, Aziza (Cheryl), Mutha, Mayette, Nareesh, Cavo, Annette & Lisa, NuMa'ir & Naiya, and the Benicia Community School Foundation Members.

Next year's event is scheduled for Oct. 1, 2005 and
it will be titled "The Enchanted Camelot".

Have a comment? Send us a letter!
Check the "Letters to the Editor" for other possible viewpoints!

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It's always nice when you find that someone, whom you've put up on a big pedestal, is down to earth, just "folks" like the rest of us.

11-12-04 Mystery Dancer #1: Iklas
Gilded Serpent is looking for clues to the story behind this lovely dancer! If you have any information, please contact us!

11-11-04 Sunday Afternoon at the Desert Dance Festival '04, Page 2 Photos by Monica
11-9-04 Sunday Afternoon at the Desert Dance Festival '04 Report by Nisima Photos & Captions by Monica Page 1
Consequently, I was a very popular girl all day as vendors called out to me to visit and talk. After all, I was a bona-fide Actual Audience Member.

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