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Forget phony popularity contests and pageant ordeals! Merely send GS $50 and you are guaranteed to WIN*!

Arrange with all your dance friends and coworkers to give each other an award. Make yourself the Queen of Blatant Self-Promotion! Boast shamelessly about it on your web site and in your promotional material (Make sure you spell our name right!).

Get a coffee mug or tee shirt made that celebrates your amazing achievement! Stake your claim at having been FIRST to ... whatever! Pad that resume! Airbrush your photo and add your crown! Click here or on the beautiful Gilded Serpent graphic below and print it out, or copy it to a graphics program and paste in your own fancy fonts!
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Ready for more?
1-25-05 Intruder, BEWARE! comic by Lynette
"How dare they pollute our pond!"

10-26-05 Interview with Mahmoud Reda Part 3: Film & Future by Morocco
If you know about photography, then it will help performing for the movies or for television because usually the choreographer stands beside the director of the movie.

10-17-05 How MECDA Began by Feiruz Aram
M.E.C.D.A., (Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association) is a nationwide organization which began in 1977 for the purpose of organizing working dancers, sharing information between teachers...

10-16-05 The Egyptian Category 2005 of The Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition, report by Amy Bonham
held February 19-20, 2005 in Long Beach, California, photos by GS staff

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