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Gilded Serpent presents...
Photos of
Bellydance Superstars Auditions
in February 2005
San Rafael, California

Photos by GS Staff:
Monica, Lynette, Sophia

As always, your help with names and captions is appreciated

Ready to join in? Here we go!

Jillina leads first group, Zoe(Kim) to her right.

Liz Strong rolls over

Kristina Canizares
(Thanks Cindy!)

San Ramon, CA (thanks Ahava!)

Natalie from Glenn Ellen, CA.
(thanks Terry!)

Pleasanton, CA


Shelly from Ireland?

Ed note: More pictures by Cherry will possibly be posted of this same audition.

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Ready for more?
4-12-06 How to Prepare for a Superstars Audition by Samira
Also, remember that a professional troupe is a business. So if mixing business and pleasure turn you cold, this may not be the right artistic outlet for you.

3-27-06 The Bellydance Superstars Show In Perspective by Miles Copeland
There are many factors to balance, and ANY show can be improved. The point is to also know the limitations that one faces in doing all the things one would like to do.

3-10-06 "Just Dance," Says Aida, A conversation with Aida Nour by Lynette Harris
She likes improvisation, and says that if a dancer has very good technique and a good ear for the music she should “just dance.”

5-5-06 2005 Folktours Middle Eastern Music & Dance Camp Pennsylvania, by Zarqaa, Photos by Sarah Skinner and Carl Miller.
Look around and delight in the glory of the dancers and musicians. Dance.

5-2-06 Cairo '05, How to Eat, Drink, Sleep, and Breathe Raqs Sharqi, Part 4of 4 The End of the Trip by Andrea
We were hooted and hollered at countless times, passed an angry bunch of men arguing about Allah-knows-what, women with large bundles balanced on their heads, people in the stores and on the street trying to sell us stuff, but we were safe! 

4-29-06 Interview with Magda Ibrahim by Debbie Lammam
That is very enjoyable, to see someone who didn’t know how to do something before and now they do, and I’m the one who helped them do it, regardless of whether they are Egyptian or foreign.

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