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Gilded Serpent presents...
The Photos of
Susie Poulelis
March 2006

Rakkasah Festival,
Richmond, Ca


Future dancer dreams of glitter

Angelika Nemeth Dance Ensembl
perfom a Persian Jaheli dance

Angelika Nemeth

Orange County, California

Belly Dance Superstar Ansuya
Miami, Florida

Fatima's Dancers
Sacramento, California
Zaina Hart
Vancouver, Washington

San Francisco, California

Shoppers were treated to an improvised drum solo by Shoshanna in the foyer at the Richmond Civic auditorium.

New York

Nadia Behbenani
San Mateo, California
and mesmerized backstage observer

Tara el Nur
Berlin, Germany


Main stage audience

Cabaret stage dancers
waiting for their moment
in the spotligh

Rakkasah icon looking for additions to her costume collection. Look out Hugh Hefner!

More photography coming soon from Saroya Ahlaam!

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Ready for more?
7-15-04 Belly Dance Superstars at DNA Lounge Photos by Susie Poulelis
Saturday, April 17, 2004 San Francisco, CA. Yes, that is Petite Jamilla playing a bagpipe.

6-19-04 San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival Photo Teaser June 12-27 2004 Palace of Fine Arts photos by Susie Poulelis. Taken last night, you can still see this show tonight and tomorrow and see more next weekend!

12-29-03 The 11th Annual North Valley Belly Dance Competition photos and layout by Susie Poulelis
Feather Falls Casino Orovile, CA, November 8, 2003

5-17-06 An interview with Leila by Lynette
"Turning tricks," or sleeping with nightclub or hotel owners, is not required to make it as a dancer in Egypt, but it is a complicated and questionable industry and there are many pressures.

5-17-06 Making New Musical Inroads in Luxembourg 2005 by Mark and Ling Shien Bell
Helm takes Rhythm Diatribes Workshops to Europe. It was extremely educational for us to watch the learning process in three very diverse regions.

5-16-06 Got Strength? Buffing up for Bellydance by Aruna
Muscles are like smart-aleck teenagers. If you ask them to do something, they do just enough to get the job done—and no more.



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