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Gilded Serpent presents...
Carnival of Stars
Bellydance & Comic Book Convention & Costume Contest

Photos by Michael Baxter
Event Sponsors Alexandria and Latifa

November 11 & 12, 2006
Centennial Hall, Hayward, California

Saturday Photos
(Costume contest, panal discussion and Sunday photos yet to come...)

As always, editor appreciates readers contributing any further names for faces appearing in the below photos.

Nashwa Ahlam
of Mountain View
of Benicia
of San Jose
Hala Dance
of the South Bay, CA
of San Rafael, CA

of San Francisco

Sirens In Sanity
of Benicia, CA
of Los Gatos, CA

of San Francisco

Una's Troupe Nijmeh Dream Dancers
of the South Bay

Troupe Zambalita
of ?



BodiRock Culture, Hip Hop and Reggae
of Berkeley


Aruba Ala Nar
of Soquel, CA (thanks, Nadia!)

Danse Maghreb
of San Francisco, CA

Kasia," Ageless Diva"
of the East Bay, CA

Mystic Fire?
of ?


of Berkeley, CA


Nour El Ain
of South Bay, CA



Cathy Guthrie
of Novato, CA


Zilly Girls
of Napa, CA


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Ready for more?
5-5-05 Initiating Dance Dialogue: Current Trends, The Panel Discussion at Carnivals of Stars Festival, transcribed from video by Andrea, Panel members included: Heather as moderator, Monica Berini, Shira, Barbara Bolan, Amina Goodyear, Debbie Lammam.

5-5-05 Carnival of Stars Holiday Dance Festival and Comic Book Convention Photos by GS Staff
A new festival held on Nov 14, '04 produced by's at Centennial Hall, in Hayward, California, which included a panel discussion, raffle, costume contest, and famous comic artists, along with the usual dancing and vendors.

12-30-06 I Dance; You Follow by Leila
As Westerners interested in an Eastern dance form, we might want to ask ourselves if we are missing certain critical aspects of Raqs Sharki because we are not open to Eastern teaching methods.

12-26-06 Teaching at the 2006 Ahlan Wa Sahlan Cairo Festival by Leyla Lanty
Performing on teachers' night is a good way for new teachers to attract more students to their classes.

12-18-06 My Moment with Nagwa by Ahava
While dancing I kept eye contact with the judges and guests of honor. I still remember their mannerisms and what I perceived to be their glares. Randa and Dr. Mo were conversing and smiling contently, Faten and Zahra were clapping. Also, there sat Nagwa Fouad, “Queen of Cairo!”

12-15-06 Queen of the Bay Bellydance show and Competition June 17, 2006 Photos by Michael Baxter,
Event Sponsored by Shabnam and Maurice in Oakland, California.



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