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Gilded Serpent presents...
Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant 2007
Saturday Photos

Photos by Michael Baxter
Photo Prep by Michelle Joyce
May 26, 2007 Danville, California
produced by Leea
Reader's help with names always appreciated!
Lunatique - 2007 Troupe of the Year

Bellydance Oddyssey Raks

Raks A'Diva

Nijmeh Dream Dancers
Yasmina's Yems
Joi de Vivre

Duo and Trios
Jaouahir Tahoe 2007 Trio of the Year

Annwyn and Tamara

Bahira Basma


Surreyya & Ballour

Ahn Yoo Jin & Kim Kyung Mi
Grand Dancer
Etana Hayal - 2007 Grand Dancer of the Year



Jamila from Jerusalem
Bellydancer of the Year Preliminaries



De Villa

Hahn Chau













Dr Maya



More photos of Finals on Sunday Coming soon!


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Ready for more?
1-4-07 Saturday Photos -Carnival of Stars Bellydance & Comic Book Convention & Costume Contest Photos by Michael Baxter
Event Sponsors Alexandria and Latifa November 11 & 12, 2006 Centennial Hall, Hayward, California (Costume contest, panal discussion and Sunday photos yet to come...)

5-6-07 How to Charge What You Are Worth by MIchelle Joyce
The first step to becoming an effective negotiator is to emotionally detach yourself from the outcome. If you can’t walk away from the deal, you have already lost.

6-10-07 MECDA’s First 30 Years , The Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association's Changing Role in our Community by Marta Schill Kouzouyan
Diversity, however, often leads to dissention, and controversy flew regarding the perception of the rather strict parameters of the Egyptian style.

6-7-07 More of Carl Sermon's Photos : Rakkasah West '07
Prep and layout by Michelle Joyce

6-6-07 Smokin' by Amina Goodyear (chapter 4)
Now that I was legitimately part of the Bagdad family and on the payroll, Yousef told me that
all the dancers had to split their tips 50/50 with the band. This meant that I was making less money than when I wasn’t getting paid at all.

6-4-07 Dance is in their blood by Kevin Potvin
Arabic dancing served as a way for women to share emotional experiences with each other. It is a part of everyday life for ordinary folks, and so worthy of attention by me, even, the pretend-to-be working class snob.

5-30-07 Photos of Gala Show for Raqia, photos by Carl Sermon, prep and layout by Michelle Joyce
On Saturday night there was a show at the Veteran's Hall. The Show was: Big on technique; sometimes a little too studied. The soloists were selected mostly for being Raqia's students.





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