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Gilded Serpent presents...
The North Valley Belly Dance Competition- 2007
Held on November 10, 2007, in Oroville, California
Produced by Carolee and David Tamori

Photos by Michael Baxter

The 15th Annual North Valley Belly Dance Competition which was held on November 10, 2007 at the Municipal Auditorium in Oroville, California. The event was sponsored by Carolee & David Tamori, who were gracious hosts. It was an exciting contest, covering five categories: Novices, Intermediates, Troupe dancers, Solos and Live Solos. Live music was provided by Doug Adam's amazing Light Rain.

At the start Carolee welcomed everyone and then introduced the judges: Freida Flint, Trish Young, Shyla Cook, Leanna Lunsford. Then we were off, starting with the Novices. The pace of this event seemed very relaxed, despite being a competition. On the whole the event ran rather nicely and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun. There was even enough time for a shopping break to support the vendors who came to the show. After five wonderful sets of dancers, including great live music for the last set, it was time for the awards ceremony and trophies. 1st place prizes were: Novice $50, Intermediate $75, Solo, Troupe and Live Music $100. Then, to close out the show, it was an open floor dance set with Light Rain.


Carolee & David Tamori

1st Place Novice: Alicia
of San Leandro, CA

2nd Place Novice: Asha
of Chico, CA

3rd Place Novice: Kiore
of Santa Rosa, CA

1st Place Intermediate: Salima Sisli
of Martinez, CA

2nd Place Intermediate: Zelideth
of San Francisco, CA

3rd Place Intermediate: Leah
of Redding, CA

1st Place Soloist: Jewels
of Portland, OR

2nd Place Solist: Mandanah
of San Francisco, CA

3rd Place Soloist: Deeta
of Redding, CA

The band: Light Rain- Doug Adamz, Susu Pamparin and mandolin player

1st Place Live Music Solist: Namira
of South Lake Tahoe, CA

2nd Place Live Music Solist: Mychelle
of Sacramento, CA

3rd Place Live Music Solist: Mina
of Santa Rosa, CA

1st Place Troupe: Troupe Satya
of Ukiah, CA

2nd Place Troupe: Modern Gypsy
of Redding, CA

3rd Place Troupe: Ooh La La
of Oakland, CA, directed by Shabnam


Mychelle and fiance Mike

Mina and daughter Jasmine

Mychelle, Kirore, Mina, and Sakina

Mina and Sakina

Kirore and Mina

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