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Noora wears an outfit called "Siren"

Gilded Serpent presents...
Bellydance Fashion, American Style:
The 2nd Annual Decotach Fashion Show
Report by Tanna Valentine
photos by Brian Lin

Months of hard work bore colorful and glittering fruit in late July as eleven models strutted the catwalk at the glamorous Taj Nightclub in New York City for the Decotach Bellydance Fashion Show.  Hosted by myself and fitness expert/party promoter Andy Troy, this fun evening was a delicious visual feast.

Decotach is the design house created by Angela Lambru/”Noora”.  Well-established as a master dancer and teacher, and a member of the late Serena’s Dance Theater, Ms. Lambru’s career has spanned two decades and taken her around the world.  From her earliest days as a dancer, she had a strong interest in costume design and performed often in her own creations.    Noora’s lovely and highly portable costumes became one of her hallmarks.   Three years ago, Ms. Lambru decided to formalize her textile creativity by starting her own company, and Decotach was born. 

The name “Decotach” refers to her  patented design concept (US Patent #7,201,629) in which many costume elements are interchangeable and washable, allowing the inner bra to “detach” from the decorated top layer to be washed, and also allowing decorative elements to be detached from one garment and worn with another.  Other pieces are reversible, such as her beautiful, multi-layer hip scarves, which also do double and triple duty as shawls and skirts.  Still other accessories are completely convertible, morphing from belts to armbands to headbands.  All Decotach garments are made in the U.S.A., from top quality fabrics and trims.

For this year’s fashion event, Ms. Lambru chose to display her costumes in the context of a Berber wedding. 

The Berbers are the indigenous inhabitants of Morocco and their weddings are elaborate affairs, which can last several days.  During the actual wedding day celebration, a Berber bride might change her dress and matching jewelry several times.  In the premise of the show, the dazzling outfits were being paraded in the hopes of catching the eye of the watchful and picky “bride”. 

The first two groups of models took to the stage in highly entertaining blend of dancing and posing that was choreographed by Angela.  The various ensembles had evocative names like “Ambrosia”, “Topkapi” and “Black Diamond”.  The designer herself modeled a lovely bronze beledi dress titled “Siren”.  As the models showcased the garments for the choosy bride they also called attention to the various reversible and interchangeable elements.  Jaklina in “Turkuaz”, for example, first appeared on stage wearing what appeared to be a coverup, but then she slipped it off and used it as a veil.    Ms. Lambru saved her biggest surprise for the third group however. 

During this segment, the bride herself retook the stage wearing a base costume entitled “Golden Sands”.  She was then assisted by her three attendants in donning two different sets of “top layer” costumes, each of which completely changed the look of the base costume.  American design ingenuity at work!

All the models were smooth and polished on the catwalk which is not surprising since most were professional NYC dancers.  They included:  Barbara, Tava, Serena, Leiley, Elektra, Erica Veilz, Karrlah, Najila Nikole, Anna, Jaklina and Delbahar.    I had a great time acting as the announcer, and was ably assisted by our great DJ Justin of Foundation AudioBrian Lin graciously donated his services as a photographer and, despite less than ideal lighting conditions, managed to get some wonderful shots of the lovely garments on display.

The event was attended by both members of the NYC bellydance community and many regular nightclub-goers.  Even the non-bellydancers could readily relate to the engaging mix of fashion, dance and entertainment.  The entire audience seemed to enjoy the event immensely, and many expressed much appreciation for the elegant, feminine, and unique designs of Decotach. 

Dressing the Bride

Anna in "Can-Can"

Barbara in "Black Diamond"

Delbahar in "Golden Sands"

Elektra "Egyptian Birthday Cake"

Erica Veilz "Entrance"


Jaklina in "Turquaz"

Karrlah in"Opal"

Leiley in "Desert Gold"

Serena "Ambrosia"

Tava "Topkapi"

Najila "Amethyst"


Group Finale

Further information about Decotach and Ms. Lambru can be obtained at

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