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New Choreographers Contribute to 2009 Show

by Miles Copeland

For the 2009 season, the Bellydance Superstars’ production has embarked on a choreographic departure by bringing in outside choreographers to add to the mix.  Yasmina Ramzy from Arabesque in Toronto has created a whirling composition featuring 8 dancers whirling and moving to the music of Isa Gandour.  It's a sensual and flowing piece that fits perfectly with Isa Gandour’s emotive and romantic music. 

I will admit that I have never been a big fan of the more ‘folkloric’ approach to Bellydance, but then again I have to be open to try something new with each show.

We took a shot with Stephanie Sullivan who had worked with the famed Lebanese folkloric troupe Caracalla.  We had a great song that Issam and I found while in Syria over a year ago that we both felt would be a great dubkie piece by a rising Syrian singing star, Samara.  I am pleased to say Stephanie delivered what may be one of our best pieces ever using 9 dancers!  It had lots of movement, intricate combinations with a strength that our dancers loved.  For the Reggaetone/Bellydance fusion, we had another song from Tres Mundos that combined Arabic, Spanish and English in a famous Arab classic song ("Zeina") done to a Reggaetone beat.  We called upon Hiphop/Bellydance specialist Teria Morada to push the envelope, and she did!  With six dancers she merged the two styles in an exciting and fresh approach to what was a very popular fusion in our 2008 Babelesque show.

Meanwhile, Jillina has taken on the role of outside choreographer also as she is not scheduled to tour with the troupe again until the Japanese tour in May.  She has created a new spectacular opening and closing plus a new Oriental piece.

Obviously, there is a different dynamic when one choreographs for a troupe as an outside choreographer as opposed to when one constructs choreography that one is also planning to perform.

This means the new "Art of Bellydance" show will have a very different feel from the past, which should be interesting. to say the least.  Of course, Sonia, Petite Jamilla, Sabah, Rachel Brice, Zoe, Adore, and Kami have also created new choreography for their pieces.  Mardy Love was also involved in the Tribal choreography.  This is looking like our best show to date and another move toward the "edge of the envelope", for the Bellydance Superstars.  This two month US tour and the upcoming airings of the "Live In Paris" show set for April on many PBS stations should finally establish Bellydance in the mainstream arena where it belongs.

Adore, Cecilia, Stevie, Jayna, Teria, Stephanie, Petite Jamilla, Lauren, Sabah, Colleen Sonia
Adore, Cecilia, Stevie, Jayna, Teria, Stephanie, Petite Jamilla, Lauren, Sabah, Colleen Sonia


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