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The Artwork of Marie Soderlund

"Bay Area artist Marie Soderlund's watercolors express her passion for color, dancing, friendships and the many wonders of life! The vibrant colors and movement depicted in her work shows a sensitivity to moments of extreme exuberance as well as times of solitude. Her work has been shown in the Bay Area and is available in selected stores. Some pieces have permanent homes in Taos, New Mexico, Aspen, Colorado and Gig Harbor, Washington.

Marie is also a dancer in the Bay Area and currently teaches in Redwood City and San Carlos as well as performs with Troupe Ya Sahlem, Malia De Felice, Celebration, Marilyn Hellman, Alyne Hazards group and Luminaire.

Look closely and you may just see a glimpse of yourself or a memorable moment in one of her paintings. To receive further information regarding her work or to commission a personal piece she can be contacted at"
Marie's new web page will be up soon!

Come see her work at Rakkasah West 2001, Her booth is next to the Gilded Serpent table, near the FOOD!

Life is Good



Dance the Dance

Veil Dance

Hold Your Heart

Wind Dancer

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