Rakkasah East Report, More Photos
part 2

Photos and comments by Zulieka

Zulieka here, reporting back on my trip to the Rakkasah East Festival on October 19th, 20th and 21st of 2001, in New Jersey.

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Ghazal Rohani of New York
Good Dancer!

Dalia Carrela
She was hot!

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A last minute add in the schedule, Ailet from Israel. She was great!

Tahia, New Jersey
What do you think of this costume?

Jamilla Al Wahid
Great, as usual!

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Leila Haddah, Tunisian Dancer

Nourhan Sharif from New York. She was talented.

Arritah from Hamburg, Germany
She was a Rakkasah teacher.

Zarafah, Germany
'Loved her costume!

I loved her costume.
Who is she?

Artemis from Washington, DC.
Can you tell this is a woman? She danced and was really good. What an inventive costume!

2 Rakkasah Teachers,
Rhea & Jihan Jamal.
She was great. I loved her, very Egyptian.

Left-Troupe Miraj, Harrisburg, PA. They wore jeans, tattoos, and blinking belly button jewels. They were one of the highlights of the event, "pushing the envelope" so to speak.

Right-Silk Road Dance Company (without Laurel Grey)

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