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Bellydancer of the Year
Zaheea, last years winner, awards trophy to Aziza
as Sabiba looks on

Grand Dancers


Troupe Hug!

Belly Dancer of the Year 2002 Competition Winners!
May 25 & 26, 2002
Benicia High School, Benicia, California

More details and photos coming soon!

Congeniality- Shifting Sands
2nd Runner Up- Shalimar Dance Company
1st Runner Up- Sirens Rising
2002 Troupe of the Year- Shifting Sands

Troupe Members' Names from "Shifting Sands":
Sitara (Cathy Larripa), director/choreographer
Bahijah (Jeanne Futak)
Maajida (Lynn McKinney)
Fariba (Lindsey Cannon)
Theone (Eleanor Garcia)
Hadarah (Corey Cutler)

Congeniality- Duende
2nd Runner Up- Lasya & Alia
1st Runner Up- Duende (Amira/Kami Larripa & Sitara/Cathy Larripa)
2002 Duet of the Year- Dhyanis & Carolena

Grand Dancer
Congeniality- Zelina
2nd Runner Up- Karri
1st Runner Up- Avianna
2002 Grand Dancer of the Year- Jizan

Congeniality- Zarmina
4th Runner Up- Sarasa
3rd Runner Up- Yasmine
2nd Runner Up- Aneena
1st Runner Up-Sabiba
2002 Dancer of the Year- Aziza

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