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Past winner of Entertainer of the Year
Reno performer & instructor
High Desert Hip Fest in Reno
by Janie “Jenee”Midgley

For several years now, the Two Old Bags have been sponsoring workshops in May. They took over the task when the local guild went dormant, not wanting northern Nevada to be without workshops. Then a few years ago they tried a 2 day workshop weekend and it was very successful. Two years ago they put on the Spring Festival starring Amaya and Suzanna Del Vecchio, the Festival was a huge success, but the name had to go —way too boring for the Two Old Bags! So they asked workshop attendees for suggestions. No one name stood out, so the took two and put them together. High Desert Hip Fest was born. This last spring the first official High Desert Hip Fest was held starring Fahtiem and Mesmera.

Of course to was a success, how could you loose with such high caliber instructors! Saturday morning venders rolled into the Sands Regency Hotel and Casino ballroom to get ready for the workshop attendees, for what is a dance workshop without shopping. The turn out was very good for Fahteim's 4 hour workshop, “Without Attitude …You’re

Beaming with success!
Mesmera, Chris, Janie, and Fahtiem

Just Another Dancer!”Fahtiem was wonderful and really put the workshop attendees through their paces, but they loved every moment. Sunday Mesmera taught her 4 hour workshop to a slightly larger group (I think a few of the show attendees decided they had to sign up), “The Seven Jewels of Dance”. The group was eager to learn all Mesmera taught, if slightly tired from the day before their energy soon rose. They all enjoyed this workshop and they fell in love with Mesmera, who wouldn’t.

The Saturday night show was fabulous if I do say so myself. The seating was cabaret style, chairs around tables complete with a palm decoration no less. The dancers had their choice of the dance floor or a small stage or both, but some chose to also ‘smooze’the darkened audience. The Two Old Bags have always provided the dancers with professional sound, but this year they added professional lighting too. Our stars performed twice, once each act, to the delight of the audience. Dancers from four states performed and they covered a wide array of styles. Here are a few of the performers, photographs were all taken by our official photographer Barry Brown.

Yes she can dance too!
Davina aka Dawn Devine Brown

From California, now living in Reno, NV

Charise Cynar
Performer & instructor from Couer D’Alene, Idaho

The fabulous Fahtiem

Zaina Hart,
Performer, instructor, and event sponsor from Vancouver, Washington

The always amazing Mesmera

Reno’s own award winning world dance troupe

And the event continues in 2003 starring Margo Abdo Odell and Kamaal. Hope to see you all there. Information can always be found on the Two Old Bags web site.


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