Miss Serene Lim dances
Counter-clockwise, starting from 6 o'clock:
(Actually, I cannot make out their faces on the photo... just roughly from their stance size & length of hair!) 1. Angelina Tay (with the long hair & back to the camera at about 5 o'clock) 2. Winnie, 3. unknown, 4. Lay Kheng, 5. Soheila (Iranian, also teaches), 6. Wai Ching, 7. Nazeerah, 8.Claribel, 9. - 11. unknown
The Gilded Serpent presents...
Hossam & Serena Ramzy's International Tour
Photos from the Workshop
in Singapore

July 4-7, 2003
photos sent to GS by the Ramzy's
text supplied by the event sponsor,
Miss Serene Lim

There were wonderful (but scary) moments, such as, "On The Spot-Tabla Solos" and "Improvisation Segments" that gave participants the opportunity to dance either with Hossam Ramzy, who is not seen in this photo, drumming (What a thrill!) or to a selection of music from the Ramzy Music International Collection. This was both a challenge and a great learning experience, clearly illustrating the differences between prerecorded and live music for amateur and professional dancers alike. The sponsor and organiser was not spared from the pressure of this spotlight!

The Singapore Group
FRONT ROW (Kneeling/Lower Tier):
1. Angelina, 2. Poh Yen, 3. Fiona, 4. Suhaila, 5. Grace, 6. Yuki, 7. Valerie,
8. Nazeerah, 9. Claribel,
INTERMEDIATE ROW (Middle Tier) 10. Lay Kheng,
BACK ROW (Standing) From L to R-
11.Pushpa, 12. Belinda (behind & partially hidden), 13. Winnie (in white top), 14. Joyce, 15. Azalea, 16. Wai Ching, 17. Stephanie, 18. Serena, 19. Hossam holding his son, Amir, 20. Samra, 21. Susannah, 22. Julie (partly hidden), 23. Gharam (almost 9 months pregnant!... she was there as an observer), 24. Pamela (partly hidden), 25. Serene, 26. Agnes, 27. Choo Bee

After the Show
Some of the performers, dance teachers & choreographers from left to right:
1st 2 ladies (can't quite make them out) 3rd Claribel (principal of the Raks Sharki Studio), 4th Fiona (principal of Desert Rhythm, Middle Eastern Dance School), 5th Serena Ramzy (with little Amir Sultan who is again in the INSET), 6th Lay Kheng (teacher & performer),
7th Pamela (president of Singapore's MEDC....Middle Eastern Dance Club), Lydia (Performer)

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