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Artemis Mourat and Seido Salifosky
Gilded Serpent presents...
Folktour's 2nd Annual
Music and Dance Camp
Pennsylvania, May 2004
Photos by Carl Miller
Report by Mark Balahadia

Ed-more names with faces needed!

The Middle Eastern Dance Folktours Camp, hosted by Artemis Mourat and Tayyar Akdeniz in May of 2004 was an immense success. Dancers and musicians from all over the East Coast (and abroad) came to participate in the four-day oriental dance and music camp.

Dancers enrolled in Egyptian styling classes with Nourhan Sharif, Turkish style with Artemis, American Tribal Style with Kajira Djoumahna, Dabka with Karim Nagi Mohammed, and Balkan line dancing with Steven Kotansky. Musicians could participate in classes about a variety of instruments including davul, riqq, darbukka, and many others. Turkish and Arab maqam was also offered.

Every night finished with open dancing until the wee hours of the morning. The band played both Turkish and Arabic favorites, including Rampi Rampi, Zeina, and Habibi Ya Eini. Saturday night featured a Turkish show with Artemis, Tayyar, and Kajira, along with peformances by the camp participants. The Saturday show spotlighted an Arabic show with Nourhan and camper performances. Some bright moments of both nights included Artemis and Tayyar’s Turkish Romany duet, Nourhan’s Raks Al Assaya, and Karim’s energetic dabka performance.
Hope to see you at the next camp in May of 2005!

Arabic line dance, Debka

Nourhan Sharif teaching Egyptian Oriental dance

Souren Baronian teaching Riq
Kajira Djoumahna of Black Sheep Belly dance

Tayyar Akdeniz jamming

Teachers and Campers jamming

Open dancing

Band pictures from Saturday night

Happy Campers

Soner Cicek teaching Saz

Vending at the camp

Nourhan Sharif performing Rakset Assaya

Dancing giant puppets

Davul class with Tayyar Akdeniz

More photos and information on next years camp here-

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