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Dance Emotion

November 1998

Recalling Unforgettable Moments

September 1998

Accrediting Teachers

March 1998

Oh Please!

January 1998
Shalimar Serene's letter of complaint regarding this article

Najia's Archives

Najiaís Archive begins with copy, from her personal files, of a magazine that was published during the 1970ís. The Belly Dancer Magazine has been out of print since the late 70ís or early 80ís. The owner and editor of the magazine, a Los Altos dancer named Yasmine Samra, left the Bay Area of San Francisco suddenly and Najia, unfortunately, has not heard from her since. Najia hopes that she is well and happy and will someday read what is posted here because Najia would like her to know how greatful she is to Yasmine Samra for giving Najia this rare opportunity to publish her thoughts at the beginning of what has turned out to be a long career in dance, dance instruction, and dance journalism. Najia would like readers to know that she reserves the right to have learned a great deal in the ensuing years and may, at a later date, attempt to re-address some of the same issues presented from a more up-dated perspective. Though some of the topics seem oddly dated or over-worked today, at the time of the writing they were fresh and even exciting to discuss. Yasmine Samra, where are you? You are missed!

The following articles are excerpts from articles printed in "The Belly Dancer, The Magazine of the Belly Dance World."

Authentic Costuming

Najia's Update to "Authentic Costuming" 10-5-98

When are you past your prime?


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