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Student Resources-Costume Supplies

Ready made Costumes are not easy to find, anytime you want. You either have to make your own or wait for a BD festival where you can find the usual vendors. Lynette usually has used costumes available to buy or costuming classes to instruct you how to make them.
Here is a list for various items

Cost Less Imports (510) 548-2800
1710 University Ave (x McGee)
Medalion, Mirror or Coin belts, bras, Finger Cymbals

Fabric City 839-6828
439 E 14th St, Oakland
cheap chiffon for veils

Ra-Ve-Als Boutique 451-4315
33 Grand Ave, Oakland ( x Broadway)
hip scarves

Discount Fabrics
3rd & Bryant
SF (south of Market)
cheap fabric

General Bead
Minna between 7th & 8th
SF (south of Market)
sew-on crystals and other beads

...or buy them from your teacher- Lynette!!!!
PO Box 39,
Fairfax, CA, 94978

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