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Some Meanings of the TAROT



Wands - Fire. Inspiration, ideas, energy, action. Archetypal World.
Cups - Water. Feeling, sensitivity, potential, Creative World.
Swords - Air. Process, decision, development Formative World.
Pentacles - Earth. Practicality, results, manifestations. Physical World


Ace - Root Power, strength, essence, source, supply, beginning.
2- awareness, extension, polarity, paradox, balance, reflection.
3 - abundance, multiplication, development, manifestation in matter.
4 - order, measurement, definition, reason, planning
5 - power, change, adaptation. Number of humanity: Microcosm.
6 - relationship, beauty, harmony, healing, love: Macrocosm.
7 - progress, victory lies ahead, poise, safety, security, mastery, art.
8 - rhythm, vibration, infinity, science, design, education, magic.
9 - adeptship, completion, end of cycle, fulfillment, attainment.
10 - beginning again, expansion, opportunity, comprehension.


Pages - embodiment, purity, seed beginnings, youth, growth, physical body
Knights - ego, ------- energies, news, action, astral or ------body
Queens - Yin, receptive power, ability. Anima, mental or soul body
Kings - Yang, assertive power, maturity, Animus, Spiritual body.
(The court cards may also represent people.)


Ace- Being I AM essence, creativity, energy, will, desire, beginning, magic wand, spiritual power.
2 - dominion, self awareness, confidence, authority, reputation.
3 - establishment, business, commerce, communication of ideas.
4 - a happy home, flowering of the arts, good work, ordered energy.
5 - resourcefulness in confrontation, learn the rules of the game of life, grappling, energy needs direct expression.
6 - glory, victorious homecoming, expectations of good to come, support from friends, a prize.
7 - courage, a test, challenge, determination, a problem is a project.
8 - descent of Grace, swift approach, active kundalini, power, solar flare.
9 - preparedness, ready for anything, defended position, strength in reserve.
10 - opportunity for accomplishment, ability to handle responsibility, rule or be ruled.
Page - declaration of independence, decision to act, a messenger.
Knight - fearless spirit of adventure, new horizons, action, departure.
Queen - strong, decisive leader, friendly, inspires confidence, good witch.
King - pioneer, will power, creativity, honesty, passionate spirit.


Ace - Feeling. Grace, love, pleasure, art, beauty, sensation, fertility, psychic power.
2 - reciprocal love, affinity, equality, healing, psychic power.
3 - celebration, natural ecstasy, Abundance, friendship.
4 - pondering, questions, sorting out emotions, forming on astral plane.
5 - attachments, frustration, disappointment, let go of the past.
6 - innocence, youth, sweetness, participation, wonderment, simple fun
7 - variety, potential, confusion, the maze of life, illusion, ungrounded
8 - inner quest, sublimation, intuitive focus, there must be more to life
9 - good will, well being, satisfaction, nourishment.
10 - fulfillment, success, open heart, attunement, love of life
Page - Opportunity, imagination, new feelings, psychic development .
Knight - romance, gifts, a mystic, a lover, arrival, approach.
Queen - .intuitive, magnetic, visionary, inspiring, psychic, alluring.
King - emotional stability, sensitive to need, passionate, artistic spirit


Ace - Thinking, decision, definition, insight, decree, formulation, struggle for control, intellectual power, discrimination.
2 - sensitivity, delicacy, subtlety, inner guidance, unbiased, precision.
3 - birth pangs, waiting, separation, dis-ease, process in time
4 - mind at rest, solitude, recuperation, trance, recuperation, initiation.
5 - analysis, parts of the puzzle, changing attitudes, integration and acceptance resolves inner conflict
6 - mind expansion, travel, transition, problem solving, moving into harmony out of discord, new people and ideas.
7 - trial and error, uncertainty, partial success, keep trying.
8 - negative conditioning, worry, guilt, anxiety, restraint, rigidity.
9 - grief, misery, isolation, feeling helpless, depressed or victimize, the pain that causes us to seek understanding.
10 - end of delusion, ego death, disruption, passing of old habits, dawn.
Page - new perspective, vigilance, mentally alert, keen and fresh.
Knight - impassioned warrior, wild, unrestrained nature, a clean sweep.
Queen - independent, influential, decisive, perceptive, self determined.
King - aware, intelligent, rational, business-like, intellectual spirit.


Ace - Having, health, wealth, success, body and form, practical matters, result, expression, the Pearl of Great Price, physical power.
2 - play, game, agility, resourceful, fluctuation, experimentation.
3 - growth, co-operation, building, construction, financial gain.
4 - earthly power, possession, caution, security determination.
5 - seeming difficulties, ignorance of inner light, form veils spirit, self-pity, negative thought =adversity, seek and ye shall find.
6 - altruism, blessing, sharing, solvency, raising lower forces into love.
7 - the gardener, quiet growth, acceptance of Nature’s laws, patience.
8 - skill, craftsmanship, development, practice, ' industry, patterns.
9 - maturity, experience, good sense, help from nature spirits.
10 - completeness, prosperity, the whole Tree of Life, full expression.
Page - seed. hope, a baby, beginning of manifestation, physical body.
Knight - study deliberation, endurance, work, analysis, perseverance.
Queen - earth mother, pregnancy, nurturing, training, unconditional love
King - reliability, mellow, harvest, friendly and generous spirit.

The Major Arcana

0. THE FOOL - Fiery Intelligence. Super consciousness. Breath. Life, power, Adventure Freedom. Innocence, Fearlessness, Inspiration. Element of Air. Uranus.

1.THE MAGICIAN - Transparent Intelligence Self-consciousness. Concentration. Energizer. Initiator. Communicator. Enlightened intellect, Awareness. Rules life and death, Mercury.

2. HIGH PRIESTESS, - Uniting Intelligence. Subconsciousness. Psyche (mind soul) . Memory. Duplication. reflection. Healing power. Potential possibility. Mystery. Rules peace and strife. Moon.

3. THE EMPRESS - Luminous Intelligence. Creative imagination.Fertility. Mother Nature. Birth. Multiplication. Abundance. Art. Love. Beauty. Nourishment. Rules wisdom and folly, Venus.

4. THE EMPEROR - Constituting Intelligence. Reason, System. Order. Measurement, The "boss." Envisioning. Beginning. Decision. Sense of sight. Aries.

5. HIEROPHANT - Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence. Intuition. The Inner Voice, Sense of Hearing, Spirit within the Temple of the body. Meaning, Values, Resources. Grounding, Taurus.

6. THE LOVERS - Disposing Intelligence, Discrimination, Harmony, Blessing, The Garden of Eden, Healing, Communication, Humanity, Balance between animus and anima. Sense of smell, Gemini.

7.THE CHARIOT - Intelligence of the House of Influence. As above, so below. Receptive to above, in command of below. Self Control. Faculty of speech. Mastery. Victory Security. Cancer

8. STRENGTH - Intelligence of the Secret of all Spiritual Activities. Serpent Power (Kundalini) . Suggestion of above to below. Rhythm. Self expression. Talent. Ability. Drama. Sense of taste. Leo.

9.THE HERMIT - The intelligence of Will. The Self, the One Identity. Union of opposites, Response. Inner guidance. The Great Work, Goal. conclusion Individuation. Alchemy. Sense of touch. Virgo.

10.THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE - The Rewarding Intelligence of Those Who Seek. Involution & Evolution. Cyclicity. Neutral law. Expansion. Quest. Gift of Grace. Rules wealth & poverty. Jupiter.

11. JUSTICE - Faithful Intelligence. Action in equilibrium. Work. Karma. Directive power. Discipline. Artistry. Adjustment. Proportion. Balance point. Equality. Relationship. Libra.

12.HANGED MAN - Stable Intelligence. Reversed viewpoint. Nonattachment. Trust. Peace. Quiet mind. Inner world. Psyche. Flowingness. Tao. Receptivity. Poetry. Music. Neptune.

13. DEATH - Imaginative Intelligence. Transformation. Movement. Change. Dawn Sexuality. Generative Power. Elimination of the outworn. Secret Forces. Occult practice. Scorpio

14. TEMPERANCE Intelligence of Probation and trial. Experimentation. Verification. The Divine Light Being within. Guidance on the Path. Learning by experience. Ideals. Aim. Sagitarius

15. THE DEVIL - Renewing Intelligence. Bondage. First stage of spiritual unfoldment. Recognition of ignorance. unenlightened ego. Surface appearance. Guardian of the Gate. Mirth, Pan, Capricorn.

16. THE TOWER - Exciting Intelligence. Spiriitual rebirth. Awakening. Destroys the old, creates the new. Overthrows egotism. Wisdom from above. Primal life energy. Rules beauty and ugliness. Mars.

17. THE STAR - Natural Intellligence, Revelation, Meditation, Isis unveiled, Nature’s true science, Knowing the mind, The new Age, Truth & Right, The Waters Of life.

18. THE MOON - Corporeal Intelligence. Underlying Organization of life. Evolution. Autonomic nervous system. consciousness. Psychic Ability. Mysticism. Function of sleep. Pisces.

19. THE SUN - Collective Intelligence. Regeneration. Health. Vitality. Simplicity. Rules fertility and sterility. Sun.

20. JUDGMENT - Perpetual Intelligence. Realization. Expansion of consciousness. Direct inner perception. Beyond three dimensions. Regenerated personality. Spiritual power, element of fire. Pluto.

21. THE WORLD - Administrative intelligence Cosmic Consciousness. Dance of life. Separateness of ego replaced by knowledge of unity. Center of Being, control, self sufficiency. Formative ability. Element of earth. Saturn.

Note: These are classical spiritual meanings. Not to be used for fortune telling.
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