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American Middle
Eastern Style

"American Middle Eastern style" is a name coined to describe a Bellydance created to meet the expectations of westerners. The western world has had many fantasies of theMiddle East : Anthony and Cleopatra, Rudolph Valentino in 'the Sheik' and 'the Son of the Sheik', Alibaba and the 40 thieves, Disney's 'Aladdin", "I dream of Jeanie", Shaharazad, 1001 Arabian Nights, etc.. These icons have become appropriate themes for western parties, private banquets and conferences. Bellydancing can also fit in with many other themes such as the circus, gypsy and fortune telling, vaudeville, new age, etc...Lynette has danced at 100's of private American parties, conferences, trade shows, banquets, retirements, discos, TV shows, and other special occasions
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