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Turkish Greek Style

The Turkish and Greek style of Bellydancing developed during the long Turkish occupation of Greece. Not surprisingly it is known for its zest and zeal for life. The same song may be played in a Greek Taverna as well as in an Arabic Nightclub, but will hardly be recognized because of the different instrumentation, rhythms, and because the tempo has been pumped up to warp speed, (especially toward the end of songs) leaving out subtle accents in favor of excitement! Finger cymbals are expected along with feats of prowess and daring. Lynette , a thrill seeker and lover of adventure, (river rafting, helicopter skiing, Oakland paramedic, rock climbing with Project Bandeloop) loves to entertain and resonates with the Greek spirit. Lynette had the opportunity to stay with Rhea in the Plaka of old Athens and dance in a variety of venues throughout the Peloponnesos
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