Snake's Kin Studio presents-
My Beloved Mentors
Najia Marlyz (El Mouzayen)
Although Lynette started her dance training with many other teachers, She credits her illumination and development to Najia. She taught Lynette to communicate the complex hues of emotion contained in the music of the Middle East by a unique approach to analyzing the musical structure. Najia teaches the Arabic style in a private lesson format. Najia has relocated to Bay Point, to a new home studio overlooking the Sacramento Delta. She writes for the Gilded Serpent magazine.She teaches workshops in the US and Europe. Najia travels to Egypt every year. She feels it is important to make contact with the dance in the land of origin and to keep current with new dance trends. Her own teacher, Bert Balladine, is quoted as saying she is "America's foremost Egyptian stylist."Najia is accepting students from East Contra Costa County, private lessons only.

Najia -- (925) 709-0300.

My first class ever was a workshop in 1981 sponsored by Louise Steele featuring her sister Dhyanis who had just returned from dancing through southern Europe. I then enrolled in Louis's 8 week course held at Columbia Junior College near Sonora.

Later I began lessons with Yolanda Leaird who had trained with Diane Webber in Los Angeles. I am still looking for her dance pictures! In 1985 I moved to the SF Bay Area and began my search for another teacher. Lessons with Najia began around 1986.

Lynette trying really hard! This is a solo day in Yolanda's class. I still hadn't shaved those pits or learned not to bite my lip!
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Fairfax, CA, 94978

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