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Snake Dance

Lynette evokes her audience's primal fascination with the mysterious serpent. The Snake Dance has been performed in one form or another for thousands of years, surviving since ancient times in pagan rituals and as a tribute to the Earth or Mother Goddess.

a video clip of Lynette's Snake Dance
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Columbian Boa Constrictors

Lynette has four Boas and including one Albino Boa. Bacchus is the big guy, 6 ft+. He is 30-40 lbs. He is very tame and tolerant. Meshugina, the female, is even larger then Bacchus. Bacchus and Meshugina dance together with Lynette when she portrays the Cretan Snake Goddess-'Potneya'. We have two little girls now who will grow up together and perform together. One, Mohini is albino. She is a beautiful combination of yellow, white and orange.

Maloos as she looks in '97 (153 kb)
More photos of Lynette & her snakes.

The photo gallery page also has artwork -ancient or campy, of women & snakes

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