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Sophia by Lynette


Sophia's Performances

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Resume of performances - word doc, PDF
last update - 11/2019 (Sophia is a senior at UCSD)


Bee Peripeteia Independent Simon Martin 2019

Sophia in UCSD's Classical Women
Cassandra Classical Women UCSD Theater & Dance Dept Kristen Tregar 2019

Constable Warren Our Town 2018

Judge, Young Harper (film) UCSD Theater & Dance Dept Independent Kim Walsh Julianna Schuldt 2018

Johanna Last Summer (film) Independent Hana Bixler 2018

"The Government Inspector" by Nikolai Gogol. It's an outrageous farce about a case of mistaken identity. I get to play Osip, a dirty, old, male servant.

December 2017 - "The Government Inspector" by Nikolai Gogol.
Sophia says, " It's an outrageous farce about a case of mistaken identity. I get to play Osip, a dirty, old, male servant." 

Sophia as Katha in Maple and VIne

Fall 2017, Sophia as Katha in Maple and Vine directed by Molly Noble

Sopia in the role of the wolf

December 2016, Lion Witch Wardrobe, playing the wolf, Fenerus Ulf, directed by Lisa Morse


Sophia as Cordelia in King Lear

May 2016, King Lear, dir James Dunn, Cordelia


March 4-20, 2016, Gossamer, dir Lisa Morse, Ensemble

Sophia in Dead Accounts

December 2015, Dead Accounts, dir Adrian Elfenbaum

Phyllis in Play On!

August 2015, Play On!, College of Marin Drama Club, "Phyllis Montague", dir. Keara Reardon

September 17, 2015, Brown Bag- theme: Comedy, Theives, "Sally", dir Adrianna Dinihanian

May 15, 2015, Brown Bag- theme: Potpourri, Sherlock Holmes, "Sherlock", dir Wyatt Dunkerly


Masha and hubby

May 2015, The Seagull, College of Marin, "Masha", dir Molly Noble

Beth Crys in Lil Women

Beth and Jo in Lil Women

Beth dies

September / October 2014 Little Women, College of Marin, "Beth", dir Lisa Morse


2014, Arthur Miller Brown Bag, College of Marin, dir W. Allen Taylor

2014, Improv Performance, Performer, College of Marin, dir. Paul Killam

2014, The Kiss, Amy Noonan, Drake High School, dir David Smith

2013 Names and Faces, Gloria, Drake High School, dir David Smith

March 2014 Disease Project for Science class at Drake High

May 2013- Sophia performs in Tom Finch's Student Showcase at the Sleeping Lady in Fairfax

December 11, 2012, Six Original Short Plays, Bob and the Gadgets, Roslyn/Policewoman, dir Zoe Donnenfield

2012, March - 8th grade- Grease - Rizo - Directed by Jasper Thelin

2011- 8th grade- Mid Summer's Night Dream - Hermia - Directed by Tina Taylor


Summer 2011, Sophia plays the Pirate King in The Pirates of Penzance,
Marin Theater Company Summer Camp, dir Wendy Parkman

2011 7th grade- Guys & Dolls - Sarah Brown- Kathryn Zdan

Guys and Dolls Cast Collage

LARGE file linked here for your download ~2mb

2010 7th grade- Treasure Island- Ben Gunn- Jasper Thelin

Sophia portrays Ben Gunn in Treasure Island


2010 Summer- Marin Theatre Camp- Lead in "Marsupial Girl" directed by Ryan O'Donnell , musical director-Jef labes, Choreo Blanca Florido

cast Directors

August, 2009, Fairfax Players, Relativity, the Musical, "Molecule" Sam Perry

2009 Summer- ACT 4 week camp -received highest grade, asked to be in Xmas Carol

2009- 6th grade-High School Musical 2 -Ryan - Ryan O'Donell, Jeff Labes- Musical Director

High School Musical 2

2009- 6th grade-Get Smart- Wanda Small- Andrea Hart

2008- 5th grade- Conneticut Yankee- Evil Forest Fairy- Blanca

2008 March- 4th grade-Tik Tok of Oz-Tititi Hoochoo- Ryan O'Donell

June 9, 2002, Dance Demonstrations, Intro to Dance, Stapleton School of performing arts

2000- Sophia is 2.5 years and dancing with mom on stage at a community dance festival




Summer2015 Steph Mohan PR shot number 2
Summer 2015 by Stephanie Mohan

Sophia at  home by Lynette
linked to larger file

Summer of 2017, photo by Lynette Harris



Sophia portrays Cordelia
Tiburon Ark, May 11, 2016, King Lear
"Sophia Harris portrays the youngest, Cordelia, as sad and obedient, but retaining her dignity." Screenshot


Marin IJ 5-2017 Maple and Vine: Original link, screenshot,

"Tamar Cohn shined as Jack’s worried, hand-wringing Catholic mother Barbara, as did Sophia Harris as his sister Lorna, Ariana Mahallati as his wife Jenny, and Karl Straube as his thoughtful high-school pal Phil.


"Years Best Theater" Government Inspector 12-2017 "

“The Government Inspector,” College of Marin. -"Director Lisa Morse knocked one completely out of the park with this studio theater production of Nikolai Gogol’s Czarist-era farce. The funniest of several superb comedies put on this year, this show provoked laughter so intense that it was just about impossible for the audience to catch its breath. Veteran actor Steve Price was brilliant as the scheming mayor of an obscure Russian village, as was Andy LeBuhn as Khlestakov, the wastrel who plies on the locals’ gullibility, taking bribes from the entire town with implied promises of official recognition from the capital. Sophia Harris was the epitome of understated comic genius as Khlestakov’s servant Osip, while Benjamin Vasquez and Raysheina DeLeon were wonderful as commedia dell’arte twins Dobchinsky and Bobchinsky. Simply a breathtaking five-star performance." — Barry Willis . screenshot, original link



Comic, classical, serio-comic, drama, contemporary
link to monologue files on Google Drive
Classical, Shakespeare

Bios of Different lengths

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(Oct 2018, 38 words)- Sophia Harris is a 3rd year transfer from College of Marin.
Most recently she was lucky enough to play Osip in Government Inspector.
She has been acting since she was 7, and hopes to continue until she dies. 

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Resume of performances - word doc, PDF - last update - 9/2018


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