The Gilded Serpent presents
Alnisa / Robin & Will Wood

More info promised...

Robin gets these facts from her husband Will Wood. He began doing the Renaissance Faire in 1968 at China Camp. He began as a craftsperson and moved to performing both in the Nothern California and the Southern California faires. He joined the staff 25 years ago, and now is employed part of the year by REC and continues to appear at As You Like it Productions' Great Dickens Christmas Faire.

Articles on Gilded Serpent by or about Robin:
2-6-03 The Tale of Two Faires by many
It seemed that the ren faire we all knew in Black Point, Novato, kept changing producers and locations. Now their were two ren faires!

12-3-02 “Adventures In Belly Dance Costuming” by Stasha Vlasuk, Vol 1 book review by Robin Alnisa Wood
This is a good book for both sewing veterans and beginners alike.

Pictures of Alnisa
Carnival of Stars 2004
Rakksah West 2005
Carnival of Stars 2006
Carnival of Stars 2007
Festival Fantasia 2000

Find Alnisa performing at Papa's Taverna in Petaluma California

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