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Nadira began her journey as a performer at the early age of six. She has studied many forms of dance from ballet to hip hop to jazz. In 1999, she was introduced to Middle Eastern dance as a form of physical therapy after a car accident she thought ended her dance career.

As testament to her expanding dance repertoire, she has laid claim to five national titles including Bellydancer of the Year, Bellydancer USA, Double Crown Performing Artist, Emerald Rain Champion and Entertainer of the Year. Without a doubt, Nadira has evolved into one of the most passionate, elegant and graceful Bellydance performers in the Northwest.

Nadira is also featured in DVDs for IAMED and By Dancers For Dancers.Currently, Nadira performs and instructs throughout the United States and abroad, but calls Seattle home. For more information about Nadira, please visit her web site.

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