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Danville, Ca

Sunday May 28, 2006

BD of the Year - Finals
Photos by
Susie Poulelis


of Seattle Wins




Last Year's Troupe Category winners entertain while scores are tabulated- Ooh La La

Last Night's winner of the Grand Dancer Category, Thia, continues

Winners are announced...

Last year's winner Shabnam presents this years award to Nadira. Sandra recieves 1st runner up, Ahava is 2nd, Namira is 3rd runner up (also won the congeniality award) and Cris! was 4th runner up.

More photography of the Bellydancer of the Year Pageant coming soon from
Michael Baxter and Denise of Pangia! Yes, they include the duets, troupes, etc.

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Ready for more?
6-2-06 Tribal Fest 2006, May 19 in Sebastopol photos by Susie Poulelis
Performances from Saturday late afternoon including: BlackSheep, Sashi, InFusion...

5-21-06 The Photos of Susie Poulelis, March 2006, Rakkasah Festival, Richmond, Ca
Shoppers were treated to an improvised drum solo by Shoshanna in the foyer

6-9-06 Weird Rituals and Beyond: Exploring Current Controversies in Middle Eastern Dance by Barbara Grant
If you are like me, (I know that many are not) you first responded viscerally and negatively to both situations. Then, as the shock wore off, perhaps you tried to make sense of it all.

6-6-06 The Bellydance Scene in Taiwan Toss Hair Dance by Eugenia
The women were much more skillful than I expected: just 3 years ago, nobody in Taiwan really knew anything about Bellydance.

6-5-06 Rhythm and Reason Series, Article 12 Moved by the Music by Mary Ellen Donald
I did all this because those sudden shifts in rhythm and tempo and the abrupt breaks in the music that were unfamiliar to me could have made me look like a fool...

5-30-06 Fresh Old Sounds by Charmaine Ortega Getz
Seeking fresh sounds in belly dance music? Consider a trip back to the 1950s up to the groovy ‘70s when a new style of music was bringing the East to the West.

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