Gilded Serpent presents...
Tribal Fest 2006
Sebastopol, Ca

May 19, 2006

Saturday, Late Afternoon
Photos by
Susie Poulelis


BlackSheep BellyDance, BlackLambs and LambChops

InFusion Tribal Belly Dance
from Seattle, WA


Kashmir Dance Company
from Utah


Tanjora Tribal

Ultra Gypsy


Urban Tribal
Dance Companyl

Sabine & Tribalation (thanks Michael!)


Susie's friend Kathleen selling her wares

More photography coming soon from the Bellydancer of the Year Pageant!

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Ready for more?
5-21-06 The Photos of Susie Poulelis, March 2006, Rakkasah Festival, Richmond, Ca
Shoppers were treated to an improvised drum solo by Shoshanna in the foyer

7-12-05 Belly Dancer of the Year 2005 Finals photos by Monica and Susie
May 28, 2005, San Ramon, California.

9-7-04 31st Annual Belly Dancer of the Year Competition, Finalists, May 29, 2004 at Auctions by the Bay, Alameda, CA, photos by Susie and Lynette.
Where were the spectators? Plan on coming next year!

6-1-06 I Love Lucy: Confessions of a Dancer by Yosifah Rose
Lucy does not believe that one can properly perform Oriental dance with a set choreography.

5-30-06 Fresh Old Sounds by Charmaine Ortega Getz
Seeking fresh sounds in belly dance music? Consider a trip back to the 1950s up to the groovy ‘70s when a new style of music was bringing the East to the West.





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