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posted October 31, 2013


Memorial to Armando Mafufo, Drummer, Teacher, Friend
Armando Mafufo, known to most of us in the music and dance community as "Uncle Mafufo" was, as someone posted today, "a man everyone loved." He was a person who could light up the room with his smile and radiatn, d love.

Memorial to John Compton
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Sula, An Artisic Life
Sula continued to study with Bert through the early 1970s, though by 1972 she called him “my ex-teacher and now equal partner”. Bert was extremely proud of Sula, as she was among the first students he trained who began teaching seriously.

Tribute to Bert: Photos from the GS files
Bert's memorial page, please add your comments, thank you. Page 2 of Photos



Tribute to Reema
Hali said, “The day of the contest, backstage we could all just feel her. We were like, ‘This is for Reema! She’s here!”

In Tribute: Rhonda/Baseema of Troupe Ooh La La
There were times she could barely walk due to a flare up of Lupus, but she always came to rehearsal and gave a 110%--despite the pain or trouble, she was going through that day. Rhonda soon became the troupe mascot because of her courage and commitment. "If Rhonda can do it, you can do it!" became our motto. She was a great source of inspiration and motivation for all members of Ooh La La.

Tribute to Dalilah!
Dalilah began dancing in the 1950s...passed on September 18, 2001

News: Devija, principle member of Jazayer, Benefit

News: Walt Baptiste, husband of Magana Baptiste, passed away on July 6, 2001. A memorial service will be held on August 4, 11 AM at the First Unitarian Church of San Francisco. More on Walt will be posted on this site very soon! Magana's contest and festival this year has been cancelled.

Tribute to KATRINA HEGG 1950 - 2000
Katrina was going to support herself dancing while auditioning for modeling and acting jobs,
all the while taking acting classes.

George Elias- a tribute written by his daughter, Nadia Elias.

News:Tahia Cariocca,

News:Sabah- Jamie Miller's recent illness, An interview with Sabah


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