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Gilded Serpent presents...
Fantasy Festival

October 16-17, 2004,
photos and text by
Amy Luna Manderino

"On October 16th and 17th, 2004, Tatseena and Good Vibrations presented their annual Belly Dance Fantasy Festival at the San Leandro Marina Community Center in California. The Festival lived up to it's name, with two days of creative and innovative dance that broke the mold and showed the versatility of American Bellydance. Here are some highlights..

Yasmine started off the show by performing a sultry "noir" piece to "It's a Man's World" using a fedora hat and cape/veil.

My husband took this shot of me performing a Bollywood choreography to music from the hit Indian movie "Devdas"

Deviant Dance Temple did a sassy interpretive number to some down and dirty swing style music evoking a cabaret burlesque feel.


Unmata dazzled with their very own "Tribal Fusion" style drawing on Polynesian, African and Middle Eastern influences, debuting their
new troupe costumes designed by Artistic Director, Amy Sigil.


At only sixteen years of age, Amira's confidence, technique, and mesmerizing beauty hinted at great things to come from this talented dancer.

Tempest drew on Art Deco inspirations for her unique style of Gothic Bellydance.

New Moon Rising gave the double veil a modern feel using contemporary lyrical music to enchanting effect.


With her riveting stage presence, Grace captivated the audience with a very original "Primitive" choreography in a costume of animal pelts and Zena-esque metal bra.


Anaar's unique Tribal Fusion costume included a gorgeous peacock feather hip belt and diamond tiara.

After their Artistic Director, Nahlah, took my electric Candle Cube workshop at Dances of the Winter Moon last year, Troupe Ahlam (from Nevada) was inspired to put together a troupe piece using this new prop.

Using live snakes, swords, veils and elegant white costumes, Tatseena and Good Vibrations' "Dreams of Cleopatra" production number combined theater and dance to transport the audience to an Egyptian fantasy of Goddess ritual.

Black Sheep Bellydance


Flor de Luna

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5-13-03 Fusion Category added to Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition by Luna
"You know, we're really making history here..."

4-25-04 Shuvani: Music and Dance inspired by the Roma "Gypsy" Trail Photos by Jan Dvorak, Captions and Photos provided by Amy Luna Manderino Saturday, February 21, 2004 Cafe de la Paz, Berkeley, California

11-17-03 2nd Annual San Leandro Festival produced by Tatseena photos by GS staff
it seems that this event is destined to grow each year.

3-6-05 The Folk Tours Dance & Music Camp Review by Piper (and baby pics too!) Photos by Carl Miller, May 2004
Once upon a time, in far away lands, I performed five shows a night, seven nights a week to great live music. I don’t miss the wily club owners, late nights, or cigarette smoke, but I do miss the music.

3-3-05 The BDSS Experience and Miles Copeland; Doing What He Does Best by Sausan
Even though Miles Copeland’s vision is similar to that of mine and the majority of belly dancers I have canvassed in my lifetime, he and I differ in our mission approach to elevating the dance, and this is where the discussion became a heated debate.

3-2-05 The Blind and Bellydance by Zaheea
She had a genuine joy in her smile as she shimmied and swayed to the music as her husband sat and enjoyed his wife's enthusiasm.





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