The Gilded Serpent presents...
2nd Annual San Leandro Festival

photos and layout by Lynette
On a warm, sunny California Saturday, August 30th 2003 the relatively new Annual Middle Eastern Dance Festival unfolded once again in San Leandro. Dancer Tatseena was its sponsor, and by all indications, it seems that this event is destined to grow each year.

Dancers from many locations throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area were presented on the stage while three excellent workshops took place in the dance studio. Drummer and entrepreneur, Reda Darwish, originally from Egypt, taught a fascinating rhythm workshop. Dance instructor Najia El-Mouzayen of Bay Point, California taught special techniques for emoting and presenting sensuality in dance, and Natica Angilly, Director of Poetic Dance Theater, taught multiple tambourine use in dance.

The location of the event was the beautiful San Leandro Marina Center that we hear once was a former local high school and has now been converted to a modern, clean and well-equipped community center. Watch for this event next summer if you missed it this year!
Please let us know the names of any faces that you recognize! Thanks! Got 'em! Thanks to: Tempest, Saundra, Tatseena, Nanna , Masouma , Numa'ir, Clare, and Zyphire.

Isabelle, East Bay


Members of Nanna's Troupe Tabu





Sunnyvale, CA


Troupe Zambelita

Sudeep in the foreground, and
Shauna in the background.



San Jose


San Leandro

Troupe Zambelita


Anisa Benazir Troupe,




San Leandro

Shira does Debke,
Mountain View, CA



Alexandria with Near East Dance Company

Goddess Force,
San Leandro

Corine, Sonora



Saundra's daughter, Amira

Los Altos, CA






The Next Generation,
Stella, Miren, Sophia, and Elizabeth

Open Stage


Check in,
Michael Sarkisian and Mary (Flor de Luna)


Richmond, CA
Najia El-Mouzayen teaches

Nahlah of Reno, Nevada in maroon top,

Corrine of San Leandro in teal,

Rukshanna of Oakland in purple.

2 ladies in red behind-
on left- Amira,San Leandro and
on right- Jackie, San Leandro


lady 1- Ann from Livermore

lady 2 in red- Jackie of San Leandro

lady 3 in purple- Swetha of Livermore

lady 4 in black- Jennifer from Livermore


Numa'ir is the man in back,

Rukshanna, Naiya in back talking to Khalida, Corrine, Amira, and Jackie

lady in black top- Thalia

Kelekie in purple

Sophia in genuine black Cairo costume!

Justine in red


class in action

Monica in black,

Margo in tank


Dawn with headset

Yasmine in pink,

lady in black crop top- Thalia

lady in black leotard -Lulu, Yolanda's Daughter.




If you know the names attached to these faces, let us know!

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11-6-03 Nour: A Biography by Ekaterina
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11-6-03 Of Hamams and Bathing by Justine Merrill
The attendants giggle while dumping scalding hot water on the screaming, howling clients.

10-31-03 Workshop in Perth, Australia-Hossam & Serena Ramzy's International Tour August 8th - 12th, 2003 report by Ayesha
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