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“ My dance comes from within the heart, and can not be repeated due to being live creations with passion and spirit in the music”

Tatseena fell in love with Belly Dance and Arabic music in 1973 when she attended Egyptian style classes held at a local Bay Area YMCA. In 1979 she moved to the foothills of California, and begin teaching belly dance and yoga at a health center in the small town of Mountain Ranch. Years later she moved back to the Bay Area and began private coaching studies with Najia El-Mouzayen and teaching in San Leandro. Tatseena went on to form the Good Vibrations Belly Dance troupe in 1996.

Tatseena produces the annual Belly Dance Fantasy Festival in San Leandro, and hosts dancer retreats in the California mountains.

Tatseena has traveled, performed, and studied with various masters of dance all over the globe, including Egypt and Greece in 1984, Europe in 1983, and Taiwan in 2000 while performing with Natica’s Poetic Theater Company for the International Peace Conference.

Tatseena teaches, directs, and choreographs Raks Sharqi and fusion style dance troupes: Good Vibrations, Troupe Tareefa, Mothers & Daughters, Four Elements, and other special ensembles. Tatseena is know for her creative full-stage productions such as Dreams of Cleopatra, Shadow Dance, Tareefa Under the Sea, and is hailed the queen of tableau by dance professionals who have watched her work over the years. Tatseena designs most of her costumes, and her philosophy is to "dance from the heart" for all of her solo’s rather than memorizing routines “like some of the great Egyptian stars; that way you don’t end up stuck in your head, so you can feel the moods in the music and react with your audience." With many years of experience and travel, Tatseena incorporates different styles and energy in her classes, designed to expand and compel each dancer to find exhilaration, and freedom of expression within the art.

Tatseena continues to teach the art of free flow within the belly dance form in cities in the East Bay: San Leandro, Dublin, San Ramon, and Livermore. Tatseena teaches workshops to help empower women around the world, and at retreat centers in California and Mexico. She dances at educational programs for Universities, Elementary Schools, Girl Scouts of America, Breast Cancer awareness, Aids, Green party, and other benefits. Tatseena performs on Saturdays at Tanjia, a Moroccan restaurant in Oakland.

Beyond belly dance, Tatseena also teaches massage with meditation and veil therapy classes for couples, and Imagi-dance classes for Children. She also is a Certified Massage Therapist, singer/musician, poet, and naturalist who worked as a professional spelunking guide for 19 years, and starred in a Reading Rainbow episode in 1989 due to her cave knowledge. A member of National Speleology Society, and Bats Conservation International. Tatseena loves animals and has compassion for all life.

Web site: tatseena.com

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