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Gilded Serpent presents...
Bellydance Fantasy Festival

Most Photos by Lynette
& Carl Sermon (as indicated)
(more photos coming from Micheal Baxter? ask him!)

July 28 & 29, 2006
Marina Community Center,
San Leandro, California

"This festival was created for family,
friends, and fun!" says Tatseena.

As always, editor appreciates readers contributing any
further names for faces appearing in the below photos

Najia Marlyz and Tatseena

Sabiba performing with Armando's band
Paul, Armando, and Eric

Paul, Armando, Eric and MaShuqa

Caught mid bite
Martha on right with friends?

Troupe Maya directed by Nanna
thanks Nitara and Jessica!
Sheri Briar in yellow with students
more of Sheri's students

Yosifah and Al Zafoon
Yosifah, Zaid Ali and Nathan Craver.

mom & ....


Eric plays for her


Troupe BlackSheep?
Sonoma County

Hip Bobbles by Norma Originals,
and "that's me, Nitara, babysitting Norma's booth."

Hair bobbles by Kajulah & Ray?

Najia's workshop participants pose together
Fahrah in black, Tommie, Lisa, ?, Sophie, Najia, ?, ?, ?, Jessica, Linda, ? Suzanne
front row- Jackie, Heidi, Jenny

Tatseena & Kaa
by Carl Sermon
the snake REEEALY likes this one!

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11-17-03 2nd Annual San Leandro Festival produced by Tatseena photos by GS staff
it seems that this event is destined to grow each year.

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The important thing is that the relationship between worker and payer be classified correctly for tax purposes so that you are aware of what taxes and filings you are liable for.

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Is dance a ritual, a means of celebration, a form of entertainment, or something more? Could it be a mode of human expression that harnesses the secrets of the universe?

8-16-07 What Middle Eastern Audiences Expect from a Belly Dancer by Leila
Audiences in the Middle East, especially Egyptians, see bellydancing as something to be participated in, critiqued, and loved (or hated) with gusto.

8-15-06 Bellydance Journalism Rhythm and Reason Series, Article 14 by Mary Ellen Donald
One powerful tool used to mislead is bellydance journalism.

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