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Gilded Serpent presents...
Belly Dancer USA Competition
Canyonville, Oregon

June 11-12, 2005

Photos and Report by Saroya Ahlaam

The Belly Dancer USA Competition was held June 11 and 12, 2005. It was a beautiful Sunday morning that found me on the Interstate 5 corridor, driving as fast as the limit allowed in order to reach Canyonville and the contest venue, Seven Feathers Hotel and Casino. It was the second day of competition and I was eager to cheer on my former troupe sisters in Ayesha Oasis Dance Company. I was also looking forward to the Professional and Goddess (dancers over 45) categories, visiting with friends and shopping the great vendors always at the contest.

I arrived a little late and the Alternative Music category was already half over. As a result, my picture taking started with the Goddess category. Deena won over the judges with her beautiful veil work and gorgeous pink and gold costume.

Troupe members are: Ayesha, Deborah Rennie, Valerie Koval, Maia Potter and Ginger Cerola

The troupe competition was next. Four troupes entered: Ayesha’s Oasis Dance Company, Sirens In Sanity, Desert Divas and Troupe Oasis. They finished in that order. As a former member of AODC (when it was known as Troupe Mandala) I felt the hard work paid off and it was a win justly deserved. They performed in purple and black costumes and showed versatility in both zill playing and sword balancing. Sirens in Sanity placed second, wearing orange and gold with black harm pants. The 5 member and very colorful Desert Divas placed third.

back row: Yasmine, Natasha, Chenoa ,
front row:
Almaza, Sahlah, Ayana & Mayette

names of troupe members?

Eleven very talented dancers competed for the title, Belly Dancer USA 2005. I’m glad I wasn’t the judge for that category! I’m sure it was a tough one... But, there is always a winner and this year it went to Alimah, shown here in brown/maroon. Second was Elisa Gamal in the turquoise costume who had a hard time containing her joy. Third was zill-playing Michelle Joyce in the reddish-pink outfit.

Lady crowning champion (last year's winner-Claudia?) Alimah, Elisa, Michelle and Mezdulene

As I said, all were very talented. I am including pictures of some of the others, including Aleta (in black/red/white costume), Leila in white (with the longest hair braid I think I’ve ever seen!), Mielle in Pink and Natasha in Blue Green. Natasha also danced with Sirens In Sanity and was one of the “People’s Choice” awards in the pro category.

Mezdulene and her supporting staff need to be commended for their hard work and effort. It was a smooth running event that was well organized and a joy to attend. I’ll be back next year!





Author Saroya, winner of Goddess category in 2002


Yasmine, sends us her photo winning the Alternative Professional Category in this year.

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