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Gilded Serpent presents...
Rakkasah Festival 2007
Richmond, CA
March 16-18

Photos by Carl Sermon
Photo Prep and Page Layout by Michelle Joyce


Tatseena and Troupe - San Leandro, CA

Bal Anat - El Cerrito, CA

Michelle Joyce - Oakland, CA

Jim Boz - San Diego, CA

Amaya - New Mexico


Vashti and Bellydance Oddyssey - Santa Cruz, CA

Ava Flemming - Phoenix, AZ

El Ashab of the South Bay

Aneena's Dancers of the Desert

Jewels of the Nile


Latifa & MaShuqa

Alexandria - Berkeley, CA -


Ahava - Walnut Creek, CA

Delphina - Santa Clara, CA


Fahtiem - Southern California

Nadira - Seattle, WA

Isabella (Suhaila's daughter)

Leila Haddad - Paris, France


Ansuya - Miami, FL

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Check the "Letters to the Editor" for other possible viewpoints!

Ready for more?

Have a comment? Send us a letter!
Check the "Letters to the Editor" for other possible viewpoints!

Ready for more?
3-22-07 The Photos of Susie Poulelis, Sunday March 18, 2007, Rakkasah Festival, Richmond, California
Isabelle shines at 9!

5-30-07 Photos of Gala Show for Raqia, photos by Carl Sermon, prep and layout by Michelle Joyce
On Saturday night there was a show at the Veteran's Hall. The Show was: Big on technique; sometimes a little too studied. The soloists were selected mostly for being Raqia's students.

6-18-05 Gitaneria Arabesca: A Different Approach to the Student Recital by Vashti,
Photography by John Steele
Ah, the student recital. There is nothing like watching fledglings leaving the nest, discovering their own creative wings and flying off into the wonderful world of belly dance.

6-6-07 Smokin' by Amina Goodyear (chapter 4)
Now that I was legitimately part of the Bagdad family and on the payroll, Yousef told me that
all the dancers had to split their tips 50/50 with the band. This meant that I was making less money than when I wasn’t getting paid at all.

6-4-07 Dance is in their blood by Kevin Potvin
Arabic dancing served as a way for women to share emotional experiences with each other. It is a part of everyday life for ordinary folks, and so worthy of attention by me, even, the pretend-to-be working class snob.

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