Salah Takesh and Janine Ryle present
911 Fund Raiser
Middle Eastern Music & Dance Jam

The Middle Eastern Music and Dance Jam has been a semi-regular event for several years now, and on October 21, 2001, Salah Takesh and Janine Ryle presented to the public another of their wonderful Larkspur, California, parties. After the tragedy of September 11, 2001, however, Salah and Janine decided to turn this party into a one-time fund-raising event to help support the Red Cross relief effort.

As a fund-raising effort, this Middle Eastern Music and Dance Jam was one of the biggest ever. There were more than half a dozen bands and known artists performing, as well as many professional dancers. Everyone was eager to participate and donate time and talent to the cause.

The turnout was fantastic, with the house packed nearly to capacity at times. Tickets ranged from $5 - $25 for the raffle held to raise money for the Red Cross, which netted a rumored $1100.00 in donations.

The Gilded Serpent is happy to share the following photos of this exciting event at long last…

Ensemble #1
"Music of the Jews, Arab or Muslim lands (Morocco, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Turkey and other countries)"
Band includes: Ron Elkayam, John Erlich, Daniel Ratner, Daniel Eshoo, Lila Sklar, Evan Kymar Fiske.


At 4 pm, the second ensemble beings-
Salah on drum, Mark Bell on def, Shaheen on oud, Jalal Takesh on Kanoun, Mustafa Tasci on Electric Saz, dancer- Kathy


3rd Ensemble
George Lammam, Salah, Matthew Montfort of Ancient Future on guitar


4th Ensemble
Armenian Band
- Dan Eshoo, Aziz, Samir Rohayen, Ali Kalili

Oh no! 'Missing a photo disk!

5th Ensemble
Ed Karagozian on doumbek, Jim Karagozian on kanun and Khatchig Jingirian on keyboards & vocals, are members of 'Mirage.'
Guests are: Mark Bell on derbekki, Elliot Bates on def, and Jeffrey Armen on oud.
From left to right, the musicians were in this order: Mark, Elliot, Ed, Jim, Jeff, Khatchig.


6th Ensemble
Aphgani music
Tetser on penny whistle, Larry on Dota, Gerod, Joyzea on Tablas, Mike on serod and rabab,
Matt Wright on Aphgan Rabab and vocals,

6th Ensemble
Turkish Music
Mustafa Tasci on Saz. Fatma on vocals, Def-Shar Mundy, Salah on Dumbek, Kajira danced

7th Ensemble
From Arizona- Phillip Gabriel on Oud, Dan Eschu on Turkish Kanoun, Shoshanna danced
And what a party it was!
Who are these guys? We see them everywhere!
" Jammin" even spilled into the next room
Dancers -Jawahare, Latifa, Alfredo

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