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The Artwork of
Scott Arquette

Bio provided by the artist:
Scott has been drawing since he was five years old. It's the area of life that has been consistently rewarding. Scott has been a strong supporter of belly dancing since the '70s. The way a certain movement or pose can impart the essence of grace, courage and strength has always intrigued him. When he discovered Belly Dance, there was an instinctive desire to distill the grace of motion that he saw as line wedded to paper. The evolution of his artwork has been influenced by Rodan, Delacroix and Frazzetta as well as the romanticists.

His illustrations honor the beauty, grace and strength of the dance. Courage and strength have always inspired him. He understands the innate courage which comes alive in each dancer and their unique performances. He has encouraged and promoted many dancers through creative suggestions for costuming, performance and attending many shows to share appreciation and lend support.

He compares dancing and martial arts, "In essence, a good dancer owns the stage; she requires it and manipulates it as a fighter dominates the field. As a good fighter is in tune with his opponents rhythm and style to enable him to dictate the course of the contest, so too, is the dancer with the music and the audience to command their attention.

Scott's wife, Nansea Arquette, LCSW, writes---

"In each of us, there is a natural impulse or process to move toward fulfillment and wholeness. You have seen this in action as a small cut on your hand heals.
Our natural state is good health and wholeness. Belly Dancing can be a movement toward good health and wholeness. This natural process varies in it's pace from dancer to dancer. It is always there - a predictable part of our nature which can be trusted. As you align yourself with this process, you can refine the quality of your dance and move closer to fulfillment and wholeness!


Imagery is the first way you learned - before you developed language. You take in images all the time but are often unaware of it. Using imagery intentionally enables you to tap into your natural process toward wholeness and to use the power of your subconscious. Dr. Naomi Remen states that "Imagery is the process of movement toward wholeness made visible." She says, "Imagery is in fact the language of the body." This body language speaks from the inside out. That is where your subconscious comes in to play."

Scott has been well received at dance festivals in California and Oregon. He is planning to travel to the East to meet and draw dancers across the country. Dancers collect his art and commission custom pieces. He can be contacted by calling 209-533-9139 or email at

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