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One of the few singing snake dancers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Surreyya is a highly sought after performer. She sings in English and Turkish, and dances regularly solo as well as with the bands Mastyka, Hazerfan and Tellus818. Surreyya's performance is full of excitement, and is inspired by Egyptian, Turkish and American Tribal flavors of dance. A passionate and creative performer, she also incorporates props (sword, cane, snakes, veil, finger cymballs) into her repertoire. She also thrives on audience participation, often giving impromptu lessons and adding a comedic twist to her performance.

Surreyya (Beth) Hada began dancing at the age of four, and studied ballet, jazz and eventually modern dance in her teens. A member of the Coronado High School Dance team, she studied under the late Shirley Staten, a beloved student of Martha Graham. Also a vocalist and clarinetist since the age of 5, Surreyya had a deep passion for music, especially eastern scales and rhythms. It was at that time she taught herself to sing in half and quarter tones commonly used by eastern singers. Surreyya performed regularly with the CHS Marching and Concert Bands as well as smaller ensembles, choirs and rock bands.

After attending UTEP, Surreyya relocated to San Francisco, and began Music Industry studies at SFSU in 1994. It was at this time she met Lynette Harris and began studying Middle Eastern Dance. The marriage of music and dance was a profound experience and doors were opened. Sadly, Lynette moved too far for lessons to continue. Surreyya continued study with the guidance of workshops by Bert Belladine, and Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour. She also began voice studies with Kathy Kennedy in 2000.

Wanting to add dance to her rock band performance, Surreyya joined the Turkish influenced HAZERFAN in 2003. At this time Lynette introduced her to Najia Marlyz who helped Surreyya to develop and refine her dancer's edge (read Gilded Serpent Article below). Najia inspired a whole new concept of improvisational dance to her repertoire. With a love of props (and snakes!) Surreyya is adept and skilled with swords, snakes and just about anything else she can balance on her head!

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