Surreyya recieves a tip while dancing at Pride of the Mediterranean in San Francisco, CA
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List #1- Surreyya' s Favorites- The New Professional
[Surreyya is a new professional on the club circuit in San Francisco Bay area.
She is also a musician with a Turkish rock band that has done the rock and roll circuit for more than 3 years.]

How does one make the transition from the living room to the lounge? I found myself asking that question a lot. Not many people really have a good answer. They may know, but may not know how to communicate in a way you understand. They may know, but want to limit the playing field or potential competitors on the dance front. Maybe your mentors aren't ready to let their little fledgeling leave the nest! Maybe you just need a good kick in the pants to find things out for yourself, and create your own path.

There is a wealth of knowledge available. Right here. Right in the Gilded Serpent archives. Dancers of all levels, age groups, disciplines, multiple influences have poured their hearts out for you to listen and learn. I've compiled a list of articles that have inspired, influenced and enabled me to cross many intersections when arriving at a challenge. Maybe you have something in common with me, maybe you don't. Maybe you can relate, maybe not. But just maybe something in here can put a little gold in your pocket, or better yet... in your heart.

Articles That Provide Inspiration
Karen Andes: World Dancer by Jawahare
Now known as Aruna, Karen Andes shares her discovery and re-awakening through dance. It’s incredible when someone can put your thoughts into words....

P.U.R.E. Dance by Dhyanis
Dancers around the world unite for the purpose of sharing peace, harmony and super groovy vibes – what a great way to boost your karma counter ..

Got Strength? Buffing up for Bellydance by Aruna
I dare you to guess this woman’s age…Aruna is fabulous and fit and won’t quit. Nothing like a positive attitude to inspire you to stop making excuses for your waistline and overall good health...

"Just Dance," Says Aida, A Conversation with Aida Nour, by Lynette Harris
Thanks for telling it like it is. We are all unique flowers swaying to our own breeze. Aida gives confirmation to inspiration over choreography.

The Zar, by Yasmin
The history of this mysterious trance dance unfolds here.

Business-Yeah, but how can I make money?
The Joy (and Pain) of Collecting Tips by Sandra
Sandra shares words of wisdom on how to get over the often self-imposed discomfort of tip collecting and ways to break the ice.

Using Magic is My Style by Ann Lucas
Fun ideas on making your show unique and how to involve a crowd!

Live Music and Me: The Third Sunday at El Morocco, Photos and story provided by Faridha, Written by Najia Marlyz
Live musicians, whether hot or just luke warm, always confront the dancer with a set of variables.

How I Accidentally Became a Successful Belly Dance Teacher (and you can too!) by Michelle Joyce
The always business savvy Michelle gives excellent pointers on how to sell yourself and teaching skills.

What Middle Eastern Audiences Expect from a Belly Dancer by Leila
Leila paints an often-unobserved perception of what is expected from performers back in the motherland. If you’ve traveled there, you may already be aware of these things, but you should read it anyway.

Unionizing Belly Dance:MECDA's Beginnings, Part 3:Tying Up Loose Ends, by Samra /Sherifa,
Pay respect to our foremothers and read their account of history so you have some bearings on dealing with club owners.

Calling all professional dancers! How much do you charge? by Nanna Candelaria
Bravo Nanna for encouraging others to come clean. How many of YOU have been underbid by a beginning dancer who will dance for free?

Performance and Props: "How-to's"
What Kind of Snakes are Good for Dancing? by Neferteri
Good to know before you invest in a creature that may not be a good fit for your future.

Dancing with Snakes by Maria
Know what to expect. The snake is the star – learn how to not break the magic spell you weave before the crowd!

Belly Dancing with Snakes by Neferteri
More wonderful snake info. Sorry, I am biased.

Glass-Dancing Revisited by Yasmela/ Shelley Muzzy
One of these days I’ll get over my fear of glass and actually try this. It is so beautiful in person to watch.

The Great American Belly Dance Veil Routine by Najia El Mouzayen
Najia paints a wonderful perspective on Veil work.

Glass Dancing by Neferteri
Much respect to Neferteri for sharing this beautiful art with us. I hope to try glass dancing one day!

Raks Assaya Instruction at Najia’s Studio
Demonstrated by Rawan El-Mouzayen (Arab-American, age 3)
One of the cutest sweetest articles I have read. I just love the pictures!

Tips on Dancing to Live Music (a Musician’s Perspective) by Frank Lazzaro
A musician’s perspective on how to be prepared for a live music performance – Great tips. I encourage everyone, especially other live musicians to read this and boost their professionalism.

Taming the Wild Frilly-Lou Bird, Or Training Your Hands to Dance by Najia Marlyz
How to keep your arms from flopping around like a Neanderthal.

Making Wise Choices in the Belly-Dance Wear Market-place by Susan Good
Learn how to create something beautiful. You know you have made costuming mistakes in the past. Learn here how not to repeat them.

Najia's List of Recommended CDs, 2004 update
Looking for tunes? Check out this list of must haves!

Oh, So Provocotive!
Territorialism Undermines Event Sponsor's Efforts, Interview with Dee Dee Asad by Lynette
The seedy underground of potentially negative dealings comes public with this shocking article.

Who Died and Made You Queen of Dance?
Who died and made anyone the queen of dance? Do not judge lest you be judged yourself! Najia tackles rampant hypocrisy in the MED community – Bravo!

When Comparing & Contrasting by Shira
Shira brings excellent points in keeping an even playing field amongst influences.

Sashi - Kabob by Lynette, Warning, possibly disturbing graphics!
I LOVED THIS ARTICLE. What is art anyway? It is all subjective. Thank you everyone for exposing your art!

Belly Dance, Burlesque and Beyond: Confessions of a Post Modern Showgirl by Princess Farhana (Pleasant Gehman)
I love Princess Farhana and her fun and flirty attitude. Again, things are so subjective from one performer to the next.

Tease-O-Rama, A Weekend of Burlesque in Old North Beach by Susie, Lynette, Sierra
Fun recap of an otherwise spicy show – would love to have been a fly on the wall!

Certifying the Certifiers By Najia El-Mouzayen
...everyone is an expert right? Sheesh. Najia sheds light on self-declared poindexters of MED

The Grand International Bellydance Tour or How We Fled India at Midnight, Eluding Our Captors and Evading our Go-Go-Dance Responsibilities. or What Would Fifi Do? by Michelle and Sandra
I hope one day to have a glass of wine with Sandra and Michelle and hear all their exciting stories.

Dance Festival or Shop-a-thon? by Nisima
hmmmmm….the ever so interesting Rakassah

All Things Turkish (Hey, this is my list!)
Turkish Shop 'til you Drop by Justine Merrill
The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the Mother of all shopping malls and covers over fifteen acres. Where to go, and how to bargain while you are there.

Of Hamams and Bathing by Justine Merrill
"The attendants giggle while dumping scalding hot water on the screaming, howling clients."
Bathed…or abused? You decide!

Orient House Istanbul by Justine Merrill
Justine dispels myths of Turkish travel and scantily clad dancers.

Kayla’s Travel Journal-Turkey Episode#1 The Honey Hunt by Kayla Summers
Kayla chases down a very rare style of honey – what could be sweeter?

Kayla in Turkey, (A Daily Journal) Turkish Bath House (Hamam 1)
Kayla discusses her hamam ritual and transcendental experience.

How I came to Turkey by Kayla Summers
How fate delivered Kayla to an unchosen and otherworldly location full of delights and unexpected treats.

[Ed- Okay, who's next? We would like more lists from readers representing differents profiles. Can you contribute a list of articles valuable to beginners, or a list for new teachers, or favorite history articles, MidWest /MidEast dancers? You choose! Send us your list with why you picked each article, an intro blurb for the list, your photo and bio. Thanks for your help!]

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Ready for more?
-Mining for Gold GEO List- Geographical listing of articles on Gilded Serpent- over 30 countries!

1-25-07 One Banat: An Exploration of Some Belly Dance Costuming Origins by Tasha Banat
Since the establishment of Israel, the definition of the term “Middle East” seems to have changed and now has come to refer to a conglomeration of a number of unrelated countries in the Asian and African parts of the hemisphere.

1-18-07 Who Really Gave Us This Dance? by Sausan
And, in their quest for self-expression, they, too, would fall prey to the sweet expressive motions of a timeless dance only to find a cure for their soul in the performance of this expression in front of an appreciative audience.

1-17-07 Western Dancer's Guilt, a Respnse to Naajidah, by Miles Copeland
People have occasionally suggested Arabs would be “horrified” by the inclusion of the Tribal style in our show but I can tell you that this style is extremely popular with Middle Easterners who come to our show.

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