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Mina has been a student of dance and the theatre since childhood. She studied ballet in her early years and had her first love affair with ethic dance in extensive programs in Bharatanatyam (Classical East Indian dance) with Katherine Kunhiraman and Katakali with K.P Kunhiraman. In 1994 she began her study in Middle Eastern Dance and has since become an award-winning performer.

Mina has studied with and calls renowned Middle Eastern Dance instructor Isvari her mentor. Isvari taught classical Egyptian as well as the Folkloric and Fusion styles of the art form. From Isvari, Mina learned a deep appreciation not only for the classical styles of Middle Eastern dance but also for the many different styles that can be found throughout that region, like Tunisian, Turkish, as well as African. You can see these influences throughout the style Mina portrays though her performances and in her students.

Mina has studied percussion to improve her connection to the music in her dance. Through this study, she learned to perform to and interpret live music, a true test of the art form which has allowed Mina to develop an impressive resume of performances with some of Northern California's best percussionists.

Mina has competed in many different competitions, solo as well as with her troupe, Dalloua Dance Company. She has had the pleasure of being a judge for a Belly dance competition put on by Siren's in Serenity, called A Night in Casablanca.

Through her classical training and love of the dance, Mina has developed a unique style which combines these classical dance styles with a variety of modern theatre styles. Her unique style and grace have charmed audiences throughout Northern California and can be seen performing though out the Bay area and Sacramento as well as from time to time out of the state. Please check the performance schedule for more information or contact her through Dalloua Dance Company.

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