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Dessert Passage in Las Vegas
The Gilded Serpent presents...
Belly Dancing in
Las Vegas
(part 2 of 2)

by Neferteri
part 1 here

Who are those good looking and talented men behind the dancers?  In Las Vegas they could be Amir Sofi (the star and producer of the "Millennium" CD) and the famed Moroccan drummer and singer Mostafa Baiddou.

If you have ever listened to Adam Basma's Arabic Dance Ensemble, its drummer is Amir Sofi.  I had the pleasure of hearing him play for two years at the Aladdin's Desert Passage Mall.  I considered the ticket well worth its price!  He is an exciting and talented drummer who plays with precision and passion.  His playing will make you dance, as if he were a snake charmer.

He has played for dancers Jillina, Aziza, and Belly Queen (just to name a few), and was one of the principal drummers at "Desert Passage" in The Aladdin Hotel. Yes, I am a fan!  I interviewed him last summer, and I am working on readying my copy for the Gilded Serpent.(Sometimes it feels as if I had too many snakes to feed.)  Amir works well with belly dancers because his wife, Isis, is a wonderful belly dancer here in Las Vegas.  Yes, he understands the performers show needs -up close and personally!  The pair are a dynamic performing team, and everyone wishes them well with their careers.

The equally talented drummer and singer that I know personally is Mostafa Baiddou.  He, too, is an exciting and accomplished drummer.  I say, "He is a dancer's dream!"  I have known him to offer to work with a dancer to learn a song just so he and the dancer can look finished and rehearsed.  Mostafa does not want any performer to look bad.

 Once, I asked him how was he able to play the way he does.  His response was: "It's in my blood!" 

Mostafa is wonderful singer and has sung for diplomats, heads of states, and royalty.   He has made many CDs and tapes and is both a unique talent and a great asset to the Arabic music world.

When you encounter either or both of the wonderful musicians that I have mentioned here in town, be prepared to see a show that will "rock the Kasbah"!  If you are fortunate enough to have them play for you, then you will experience one the best musical encounters in your dancing career.

Is there such an entity as a male Belly dancer in Las Vegas?  Yes, there is a Prince of Dance among us!  

We have a male belly dancer performing here named Christian.  When I say that he is good looking, that is an under statement!   This young man moves like a snake and has undulations for which one could die.  He has a natural gift for follow an Arabic rhythms but, beyond that, the dancer seems to make the song his own.  Ladies, he is handsome, has gorgeous black hair to his shoulders, and has a body for which he must be blessed.  Christian would definitely be my ideas of a good choice for a birthday or New Year's party or perhaps a male Belly gram.  (My birthday falls in May, just in case you are planning to throw a party for me.) 

There are some awesome troupes in town, as well.  In particular, the troupe that I am most proud of is the Desert Moon Dancers.  If your were to ask me why, I would tell you that I am one of the founding members of the troupe.  We have made a hopeful beginning by working in restaurants, cruise ships, premiers, and grand openings.  All of these bookings have happened in our first 2 years.

We are a diverse group and are unique in that we dance on wine glasses, with fire, snakes, and few other interesting props.  Some of us have been together for 7 years, and between us, we have over 10 years of experience.  We have been told that we have developed like a fine wine --with a shimmy or two added for good measure!  Our members are:  intoxicating Francesca, a Desert Diva, who is an accomplished dancer and the reigning diva at a few establishments in Las Vegas.  She sizzles when she dances!  Narissa, another co-founder, also has been a feature dancer here and abroad.  She is  exciting to watch because you never know what she will do next!  A new member of our troupe is Michelle. (We are working on finding her an appropriate dance name.)  She is a sexy blonde Desert Diva.  Brittany Spears must watch out; this girl is on fire!  She is a great asset to us and we are glad to have her.  Let me not forget to mention the one and only Neferteri Baiddou!

  I am sorry to say that there are not many places in our town to see and hear some of this wonderful talent.  It is often a hit and miss situation.

However, we do have a community hafla that is done at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio.    The Arthur Murray Studio has been supportive to the Belly dance community.  This is a great place to come, see, and participate in Belly dance.  Samara always welcomes and encourages anyone to dance in any style.  I have seen people in costume, no costume, beginners, and seniors alike.  It does not matter; the only requirement is to have a good time!  There is always something different every time I go.  For me, this makes life interesting to see new dancers and dance techniques.

Therefore, there you have it!  This is a glimpse into the Las Vegas Belly dance world as I know it

If you plan to come to Las Vegas, please look us up, and you will see how much dance we have to offer here in Las Vegas, beyond the gaming casinos and pervasive Skin and Feathers shows. 

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