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The Gilded Serpent presents...
Rakkasah West Festival 2005
Casual Photos

March 2005, Richmond, California
photos by GS Volunteers including:
Jasmine, Lynette,Michelle, Monica, Sandra, Susie, Zaheea, and probably more!
*Let us know if you recognize faces!


audience members, including: Monica, Jasmine, Yousefa, Zaheea

Artemis in her booth


Messoiun and Masouma

audience members, including:
Zaheea, Uschi, Munira

Ali of Turquoise International, Andre and Dalia Carella

Tina Sargent and Dahlal (Thanks Renee!)

Glowing Vendor


Biram and Uschi

Vendors view stage


Anaheed, ?, Tarik


One more page (maybe 2) of photos coming from this festival and then we are finshed at last!

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Ready for more?
6-5-05 Rakkasah West Festival 2005 Photos- Saturday & Sunday Page 2 photos by GS Staff and Friends
5-28-05 Rakkasah West Festival 2005 Photos- Saturday Page 1 photos by GS Staff and Friends
4-22-05 Friday Evening, Page 2, Rakkasah West Festival 2005, Richmond, California
3-31-05 Rakkasah West Festival 2005 Photos- Friday Page 1 photos by GS Staff and Friends

7-29-05 The Untaught Teacher by Reanee Temple
What then, do we do about a teacher who has been misled, apparently, concerning the history of our dance?

7-27-05 Calling all professional dancers! How much do you charge? by Nanna Candelaria
Over the years, we dancers have unwittingly kept the general rate ridiculously low in restaurants and nightclubs.

7-19-05 Interview with Mahmoud Reda Part 1: The Beginning by Morocco
The Ministry of Culture should be of help, not a source of problems. But anyway, they had control of all the theaters, so to find a theater we must go to them, but they gave us problems. I don’t know why; maybe they were jealous!

7-18-05 Rhythm and Reason Series, Article 3, Community Warfare by Mary Ellen Donald
Time and again I hear dancers deplore the fact that in many parts of the country there are warring camps among dancers; that is, groups that openly oppose each other and that try to keep all useful information and all jobs to themselves.

7-18-05 Cairo Carnival 2005 Page 1 June 11-12, 2005, Glendale, California photos by Lynette
Please help us identify faces. Thanks!

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